Meet the Swag Team 

Diane Nudelman, CAS
President & Swag Queen

Diane founded Swag Connection in 2002 and ten years later she still loves what she does. She's a high-energy, big-picture kind of gal who loves nothing more than meeting with clients (and prospective clients) by phone and in person. She makes the big decisions, writes the blog, signs the paychecks and keeps everyone around here in line... or so she thinks.

Diane was born in Tennessee but has been in Portland since grade school. She's a Portland State alum with a degree in Finance of all things. She loves good wine, riding her bike to work, traveling the world and the creativity of the swag business. She enjoys being in the spotlight and is the public "face" of Swag Connection (because she's real good at schmoozing and actually likes to attend networking events).

Sandra Lutz Harden

Sandra (pronounced Sondra) joined the Swag Team in October 2011. With a background in apparel screen printing and a relentlessly positive attitude, she's great at helping our clients through the order process and coming up with good suggestions. She's Swiss by birth (you may notice the slight accent on the phone), so she has a natural talent for making sure things run smoothly and orders arrive on time.

While Sandra is always happy to be at work (or anywhere, really) she's especially happy on the water... specifically on a Dragon Boat paddling with her team. An avid paddler since 2000, she trains hard in all kinds of weather and has even inspired Diane to get off her duff and to the gym a bit more since she's arrived on the scene.

Being part of a two-person team means Sandra does a little bit of everything around here, including customer service, order tracking & billing. Together with Diane, Sandra ensures our clients have the best possible order experience from beginning to end.

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