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Thursday, 04 August 2011
Just like technology itself, tech-related swag items are a constantly evolving category. Mousepads used to be a staple swag item for all sort of companies because it was assumed that anyone who used a computer needed a mousepad. The optical mouse killed the mousepad... then the tablet computer killed the mouse!

In fact many of the high-tech swag items that were a big deal a few years ago are less likely to impress these days. Everyone now has a USB hub, a screen duster, a laser pointer and probably more USB flash drives than they can use in a lifetime.

While your budget may not allow you to give away iPads or Kindles, the next best thing is the accessories that go with these popular new gadgets. Here are a few of my new favorites in the iPad Swag category:

iPad Stylus Pens are a new breed of pen, specially designed to work on all capacitive touch screens. One end is a regular ballpoint pen, the other is for use on touch-screen devices. You don't have to own a tablet computer to appreciate one of these - keep one handy to avoid germy touch-screens on ATMs and other public computers.
iPad Pen Stylus (item NLAHI-HTXNG)

iPad Stands
are another handy accessory that iPad or iPhone users will appreciate and use. Simple, functional and in the $10 range, they're a great swag idea if you want to keep your company logo visible on your recipient's desktop.

iPad Stand (item TMDGB-HMMEL)

iPad/Kindle Sleeves and Cases come in a wide variety of styles and materials with custom logo decoration. We offer a wide variety of iPad cases that are logo customized - too many to show here. Simply go to www.swagconnection.com and type "iPad Case" (no quote marks) in the Quick Search field for about 3 dozen choices.

Between cases and SLEEVES, I like sleeves better as a swag idea. Most devices come with cases, but sleeves are an accessory most people have to go out and buy. Sleeves are great for travel, and unlike cases they can be used with many different devices.

iPad Neoprene Sleeve (item ESUMI-HFVEG)

Griffin Elan iPad Sleeve (item JKWFF-HRRGN)

Ear Buds are one more tech-savvy swag idea to consider, especially if your budget doesn't allow for some of these higher priced items. Earbuds can be used with every mobile device out there and most people can use an extra pair or two (especially if they're cool!). Here are three I like in particular:

Volume-Adjusting Earbuds (item ZSZIJ-FQICD)

VOIP Retractable Earbuds with Microphone (item XSZIB-EJWWT)

Giftcor Earbuds in Wind-Up Case (item KLWKB-GGBJJ)

I hope that gives you some good ideas. If you want more like this, simply type the word IPAD into the Swag Connection search field for lots more to choose from... or contact me for ideas that will meet your specifications. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you're interested in ordering any of these items for your organization:

Email: diane@swagconnection.com   Phone: 866-247-4320 Toll Free 

Thanks for reading my blog & keep coming back for more swag ideas!

Diane Nudelman
The Swag Queen :)

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Friday, 08 July 2011
 The PowerDecal is a brand new swag idea I just discovered today and had to share with you:

The PowerDecal adheres to the inside of a car window, and in daylight it looks much like a window cling decal. It really shines after dark (pun intended) because it contains an LED backlight that makes it glow. This high-tech version of the bumper sticker has a built-in sensor that causes it to light up and stay lit while the car is in motion. The sensor also automatically turns it off two minutes after the car is parked!

A video is worth a thousand words, so check out this 1-minute clip:

At about $22 each they're not a going to be a mass-giveaway item, but I can see lots of potential uses for these unique auto accessories. If I owned a casino or nightclub in Las Vegas (or any other major city) I would put them in every taxi in town! They would make great VIP car passes that would be instantly recognizable day or night. Also a great idea for after-dark identification of emergency response or other official vehicles. Ditto for pizza or take-out delivery vehicles, company fleet vehicles, airport shuttles or private security firm cars.

These can be customized with your company's full-color process design, with a low setup charge of $48.00 and a minimum of a dozen decals. They come gift-boxed with battery included.

They're also available with a variety of licensed college, fraternity, sorority and sports team logos.


Click here to view more details & pricing on our website

Please contact me if I can help you with an order or answer any questions. I love to hear from my blog readers, and many of you become clients!

My email: diane@swagconnection.com
Toll-Free: 866.247.4320

Thanks for reading & please come back often for more fun and unique swag ideas!

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Monday, 13 June 2011
Not so long ago, coolers were just... coolers. Utilitarian and rectangular, they were made for functionality without much in the way of styling or different features. The promotional types were either a hard plastic "campin' cooler" or soft-sided rectangular styles with a shoulder strap.

That was then. Today, coolers are a huge category in the swag business and they come in hundreds of different styles, materials and colors with all sorts of special features. If you click the "Cooler Category" on Swagconnection.com you'll find between 200-300 to choose from. Today I'm going to show you some I think are especially good choices if you're looking to give a cooler that will make a great impression.

First, a few words of advice. This is a category where you tend to get what you pay for. Really cheap coolers (especially those made from non-woven material) tend to be flimsy and thin. They're usually not sturdy enough to pack with much ice. Request a sample if time allows - it's very hard to tell in a photo how large or sturdy they are.

The other thing that takes some people by surprise is the way cooler sizes are expressed, which is in number of cans. A 6-pack cooler is the size OF a six pack - that's a six pack, all by itself, without room for ice. If you want a cooler that will hold a 6-pack AND ice you're looking for a 12-can or 18-can size. A good swag professional (like yours truly) can help you determine the best size based on your needs and budget. OK, enough with the advice and on to the swag!

Flexi-Freeze Cooler - Item XKUEH-FQTGB

Flex-Freeze is a line of coolers we offer with a unique advantage over traditional coolers - they make their own ice! A patented freezable panel is included, which can be frozen overnight and slipped in to the cooler. It keeps contents just as cold as a regular cooler with ice, but without the problem of melting ice. This uniquely shaped 12-can size is a real attention getter that's also super-functional. Priced between $11-$14 with a low minimum order of 25 pieces.
(type the words "Flexi Freeze" into our site search field to see all the Flexi Freeze Cooler options)

Pop-Up Cooler - Item CMWKD-GEWHT

Pop-Up Coolers come in several sizes, with the advantage of being easily stored when not in use. This also makes them easier to distribute at events than bulky coolers, as well as less expensive to ship. This 12-can size model is made of durable 600D nylon and features a bottle opener on a retractable cord. This one is priced between $17 & $19 with a minimum order of 25 pieces.

Backpack Chair Cooler - Item HQZLJ-HFKCF

Anyone going to summer festivals or concerts will love and appreciate this super-functional cooler that can be worn like a backpack with a built-in chair. It has handy outside pockets that are great for accessing items like water bottles and cellphones easily. The backpack straps are padded for comfortable carrying. This cooler can also be name-personalized, making it a great choice for recognition programs, sales contests or thanking donors or volunteers. Priced between $21-$24 with a minimum order of 25 pieces.

Arctic Zone Slingpack Cooler - Item WLVNH-HLIUL

Backpack Coolers are a popular choice because they allow hands-free carrying. This one has a great dual-compartment design that keeps heavy cans and bottles at the bottom and food up above. The padded, adjustable strap makes it comfortable to carry even when full. This model is priced between $23-$34 with a minimum order of 24.

Rolling Speaker Cooler - Item TOAJJ-GYRSJ

Speaker-Integrated Coolers are a party to go! Simply plug your MP3 or other music device into the built-in speaker for tunes anywhere, anytime. These high-quality coolers deliver great sound! This heavy-duty model holds up to 48 cans and rolls for easy transport when full. This is one of several Speaker Coolers we offer and is priced between $49-$67 with a minimum order of 24.

Cooler Tote Bag - Item BOANH-HLFCH

Cooler Tote Bags are becoming popular because they're great for toting frozen goods home from the grocery store. This one is a great choice if your target market is female, and I love the bold color scheme. This is one of several styles we offer & is priced between $8-$11 with a minimum order of 50 units.

Executive Golf Cooler - Item AOCII-DONDA

Hosting a Golf Tourament this year? These Golf Coolers make a great tee prize that's sure to impress!. Lots of built-in organization for holding tees, divot tools, cellphone, sunglasses, etc. Features an executive luggage tag, padded handle, adjustable shoulder strap and sturdy construction that holds up to the rigors of travel. This cooler is priced between $30-$41 with a minimum order of 24 units. 

If you're interested in ordering any of these coolers to promote your brand - or if you would like to ask questions or see more options - I'm more than happy to help. Lots of our clients find us through my blog! Please contact me by phone or email:

diane@swagconnection.com (or) Toll Free: 866-247-4320

Thanks for reading my blog & keep coming back for more Swag Ideas!!

Diane Nudelman - 'the swag queen'

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011
Do you sometimes get the feeling that time is speeding up?

While I'm pretty sure there are still 24 hours in the day, it seems we're all packing longer "to-do" lists than ever before. One symptom of being too busy: forgetting to order swag for your events until the week before it's needed.

Procrastinators take heart - the swag industry is embracing your "gotta have it yesterday" demands by offering super-fast production on an ever wider variety of items at no extra cost. Here's a new option for those who need custom drinkware in a hurry:


ETS Express of California is one of Swag Connection's top suppliers for water bottles, travel mugs, customized glassware and ceramic coffee cups. Our clients love their low order minimums, innovative product designs and excellent quality.

The ENTIRE ETS Express Product Line is now offered with FREE 24-hour production on orders for up to 3,000 pieces with a one-color custom imprint.

The drinkware is fabulous, but COOL, CUSTOMIZABLE STOCK ARTWORK DESIGNS are really what sets this line apart from a creative marketing standpoint. ETS has designed a wide variety of design templates that can be easily customized by changing colors and adding a logo or text. These templates enable your organization to create really cool-looking drinkware easily and affordably - without the added time and expense of hiring a graphic artist!

The last unique thing I want to mention today about our ETS Drinkware Line is their TOTAL BRANDING program. Here's a video where you can learn more about this unique program that offers custom-designed packaging to tie your logo drinkware to your company's other marketing materials for a TOTAL brand experience:

Total Branding from ETS Express on Vimeo.

As I've watched the swag industry evolve over the past decade, I'm convinced that what we're seeing at ETS Express is truly the future of our industry. The clients we work with who buy swag for their companies today are usually wearing lots of hats. They're busy, sophisticated buyers who want it all - lots of choices, fast turnaround, excellent product design, retail-level quality and a high degree of artwork customization. All of this, of course, must be delivered on time, with great service and at reasonable prices without a lot of 'hidden' charges.

When I started out in 2002, ETS Express was a supplier of ceramic coffee cups and glassware that didn't really stand out from other, similar product lines. They've grown to become an industry leader by correctly anticipating what swag buyers really want, which is more than just new products - they want new products faster with more customization.

Thanks for reading my blog today, and I welcome your comments. I also urge you to contact me personally if I can help you with swag ideas for your company!

Diane Nudelman, "The Swag Queen"
866-247-4320 toll-free

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011
When looking for inspiration in any area of life, it can often be found in art.

Today I'm turning to the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) collection, which is one of the coolest gift lines we offer (as well as one that many people don't even know exists!).

These are swag ideas that truly fulfill our brand promise of "Cool Stuff + Your Logo"

Pop-Up Pencil Cup

This functional and whimsical Pencil Cup, designed by Paul Koh, was inspired by the classic drinking straw dispenser. Lift the red ball & the pencils rise and fan out for easy access. Your logo appears on the cup as shown, the MoMA logo and designer name are molded on the bottom of the stainless steel holder.

Box of X-Bands

These X-shaped rubber bands are simply genius, everyone should have a box of these! Featured in the museum's design collection, the X-Bands come in an assortment of four sizes and colors in a custom plastic container. The container is MoMA branded on top as shown, with your company logo custom screen-printed on the side of the container.

Stainless Steel Mirror

Sleek and simple, unique and personal, this is an excellent swag idea for brands that market to the female audience. This highly polished stainless steel compact mirror is unbreakable and comes in a citrus-colored leather like case. MoMA logo is die stamped on handle. This mirror also comes in a rectangular version (lime green or black case choice on that one). We customize this with a laser-engraved or screen printed logo on the back of the mirror.

Stainless Steel Coasters

If you're looking for a functional gift to impress even a C-level executive, consider these brushed nickel MoMA coasters. This set of six coasters features easy-to-grab handles & felt bottoms to protect furniture. Attractively presented in a laser-engraved tabletop holder. A discreet MoMA logo is laser engraved as shown next to the handle slot. 

The Peep Clock

This is not your ordinary wall clock. Designed by Noriyuki Shirasu, the black dots draw your eye to the numbers that display the current time, while the rest of the numbers on the clock face fade into the background. This clock is neutral enough to accent any office decor and subtly keeps your brand top-of-mind with daily logo exposure... in a very classy way.

Follow This Link to the MoMA Collection on SwagConnection.com

I hope these ideas not only inspire you, but also show you that promotional swag can be so much more than the same old stuff. While I'm the first to admit these items are priced at a premium, they're also more impressive to your recipients. These are the kind of branded items that stand out and get your brand noticed, which is what really good swag is all about!

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more swag ideas!

Diane Nudelman - "The Swag Queen" of Swag Connection

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Friday, 11 February 2011
 Anymore it seems everyone I know has an iPhone. If you're looking for the next cool swag idea, iPhone accessories should be on your hotlist. With Verizon and other carriers rolling out their own iPhone service, there's going to be an ever-growing audience out there that can use tastefully branded iPhone accessories... like this new myPhone Case:

Up til now the silicone iPhone cases have been the only choice offered in the promotional products industry, and to me the translucency and sleek design of this new style is a welcome change. It's made of tough TPU plastic that protects their phone while subtly promoting your brand.

The minimum order quantity on this item with custom logo is 50 pieces, and they start at $4.50/ea + setup & shipping.

Click here to see more details, request a quote, or order this item with your logo on our site

Thanks for reading, more swag ideas coming soon!


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Friday, 07 January 2011
 Here's a brand-new swag idea for 2011:
Fold-Flat Water Bottles

Swag Connection Item #zswih-hk

As someone who loves to travel I love this new foldable 24oz. water bottle. This takes up almost no room in a carry-on or gym bag, but it expands to hold as much as a good-size sport bottle.

This exclusive new travel water bottle comes pre-printed with the design around the edges as shown. Your logo is custom printed in the center. For now this is the only color scheme. Hopefully if the item catches on they'll start offering it in a wider variety of colors.

While the fold-flat design is handy for the recipients, it's also a space and money saver for the company that orders them to hand out. They take up MUCH less storage area than regular water bottles and also cost significantly less to ship.

If you're thinking about trade show giveaways, these are a fantastic choice. They're a brand-new item most people don't already own, they're inexpensive and useful - and they don't take up a lot of room at your booth.

Priced between $2.39-$3.29 with a minimum order of just 100 bottles, this is one of my favorite new swag ideas for 2011.

*******UPDATE: ADDED 1/20/11*******
I found another, similar fold-flat water bottle today from another vendor. It's solid color and doesn't have the pre-printed design, plus it's a little lower in price:

Click Here for more details & pricing on this one

Click Here to shop for the first item on our webstore

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more new & unique swag ideas!

Diane Nudelman "The Swag Queen"
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Monday, 25 October 2010
 Here's a brand new swag idea I just ran across today & had to share with you. This customized high-tech gadget turns a box (or other hollow object) into a Portable Speaker:

Groovy Stick-On Portable Speaker

This has to be one of the more innovative swag ideas I've come across in recent months, and just in time for the holiday season. This little gadget, called a Groovy Stick-On Portable Speaker, is a pocket sized amplifier designed to work with portable audio players like iPods and MP3 music players.

One end plugs in to the headphone jack of the audio device. The other end has a sticky silicone-backed speaker that be stuck on to any hollow object (like a box or a cup) to instantly create an audio speaker with surprisingly good sound quality.


When not in use, it all tucks nicely together into a travel-sized unit that has a nicely sized area for your custom logo imprint. This promotional sound system can be powered via your computer's USB port or by 2 AAA batteries (included).

Priced at around $20 (with a minimum order quantity of 50 units) this box speaker creator is an interesting swag idea for marketers seeking to reach a hip, music-loving and technically savvy audience.

While corporate buyers of this item would naturally include companies in the music or entertainment industries, this item would also make a great employee gift or incentive item... especially for software, internet or gaming companies which typically have a younger work force. I could also see this as a great "Wrap Gift" for the cast and crew of movies or television productions.

You can see more details & current pricing on this item by clicking through to: Groovy Portable Speakers on SwagConnection.com.


That's what we do & we'd be stoked to help you out. Lots of our clients find us through this blog. We can answer questions about this item, help you order a sample or suggest other swag ideas if you're looking for just the right thing.

Email: diane@swagconnection.com
Phone: 866-247-4320 (toll free, hours 8-5 pacific time)

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for new & innovative swag ideas!

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Friday, 08 October 2010
 QR Codes are these funky-looking "barcodes" like the one shown here. You've probably noticed them popping up in all sorts of places over the past few years, from magazine ads to bus benches.

Camera phones equipped with a mobile tagging application scan QR Codes, which typically opens a webpage in the phone's browser. The codes provide advertisers with an easy way to link their print ads to richer and more interactive online content.

Scanning a QR Code

If you're interested in more in-depth information about QR Codes, their history and how they work, you can get up to speed quickly by reading about QR Codes on Wikipedia.com.

What I want to talk about today is the concept of using QR codes on your company's swag items. We haven't seen a lot of this yet, but the concept is starting to be used on t-shirts:

QR Code Scannable T-Shirt

It's really just a matter of time before we start seeing these codes on other swag items, such as coffee mugs, mousepads, coasters, water bottles and other giveaway items companies use to promote their brand. A friend was just mentioning an event where a sponsor handed out temporary tattoos that were QR Codes. Everyone was putting on the tattoos and scanning each other... now that's what I call marketing genius!

One of the coolest things about QR Codes is that they're free - just type "QR Code Generator" into a search engine and you'll find many sites you can use to generate your own codes. They're an effective way to tie your swag items in with a specific web campaign or entice people with a special offer in a way that, until now, simply wasn't possible with giveaway items.

This is leading-edge promotional marketing that takes swag to a new level with trackable, measurable results. It's a way to take an inexpensive "gimme" item and create an interactive and perhaps even memorable experience for your recipients.

If you're interested in the idea of adding QR Codes to your company's branded swag items, or if you're doing this now and have success stories to share, I'd love to hear from you!

email: Diane@SwagConnection.com
Phone: 503.281.6420

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more swag ideas!

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Friday, 01 October 2010
Finding staff shirts that your team actually WANTS to wear can be a real challenge, especially if your team is young, hip and fashion-conscious.

Ogio is a brand well-known for their sport bags, but a lot of people aren't familiar with Ogio shirts and apparel. Swag Connection carries the entire Ogio line (shirts, hats, jackets and bags) and offers every item with custom logo personalization.

I just finished checking out the new Ogio clothing line for Fall 2010 this afternoon, and they've added some really great new styles. Here are a few that really stood out:

OGIO Trax Polo ($43.98)

Love the clean look with the side stripes & hidden buttons. This is a comfortable, moisture-wicking shirt with tagless comfort and subtle Ogio logo branding that complements your logo instead of competing with it.

OGIO Glam Polo ($43.98)

The new Ladies Glam Polo looks OK in this photo, but it looks even better in person, trust me. Super-cute ladies polo shirt with two metal buttons on the cuffs of the sleeves and metal snap front closure. Love this shirt!

OGIO O-Boy Polo ($45.98)

An almost-classic Ogio polo shirt with a design twist - hard to see here but there's a debossed "O" logo in the fabric of the right shoulder. Gives this shirt a sporty vibe that is accented by the metal snap closure. Moisture-wicking comfort material.

OGIO Bombshell Jacket ($99.98)

OMG, this is one of the cutest and most flattering ladies' jackets I've ever tried on. Seriously. Inspired by motocross, the Ogio Ladies Bombshell jacket is both tough and feminine with a flattering nipped-in waist and snap detail on the cuffs. It's a high-performance jacket that's comfortable as well as water & wind resistant. This will look sharp with any logo and the women on your team will love it!

OGIO Torque Pullover ($59.98)

For the guys, how about this quarter-zip Torque pullover for fall? It's got hip, sporty style combined with performance fabric and great detailing. This is a great fall-to-winter transitional jacket for the guys on your team at an affordable price point.

OGIO Ladies Minx Jacket ($59.98)

Last but not least, this is the companion style that goes with the Torque jacket above. This shade of blue looks great on everyone. Love the sporty details and full zip front with generous pockets.

If you like what you see here, Swag Connection has the hookup on Ogio clothing for your company logo. Our minimum orders with custom embroidery start at just 12 pieces and we allow you to mix & match styles and colors.

CONTACT US for more information and pricing:
Phone: 866-247-4320


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