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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

High Tech meets Happy Hour:
USB Bottle Openers from Swag Connection

The iClick Milwaukee Drive

Here's a brand-new swag idea that just crossed my desk today, and what a fun item for summer! These all metal, heavy-duty USB Bottle Openers are fully-functioning USB Drives with your choice of 2GB, 4GB or 8GB of memory capacity.

While this isn't a drive for the extremely price-conscious, it has a lot going for it. Bottle openers have always been a very popular addition to people's keyrings, and this is designed for that. As most people handle their keys several times each day, the keyring is a prime location for your brand.

Usefulness is another huge factor when it comes to swag that is kept versus swag that's passed along. This USB Bottle opener serves two functions, making it superior to ordinary flash drives that can only be used for data storage. Plus it's got that 'fun factor' that sets it apart from ordinary flashdrives.

Not so long ago it was a big deal to get a promotional USB drive, as they were relatively expensive and few companies could afford to give them away. That's no longer the case. Today you can't assume that people are going to keep, use (or even remember) your ordinary custom-logo flashdrives - they've become ubiquitous. Stepping up to a cool drive like these is what smart marketers are doing to keep their branding fresh, memorable and top-of-mind (not to mention top-of-bottle!)

While this is an obvious choice for beer or soda companies, they're also a great swag idea for:


The minimum order is 50 drives, with turnaround time of betwen 2-3 weeks.

USB Memory Prices change weekly, so please contact us for a current quote:
Toll-Free - 866-247-4320

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more new & unique swag ideas :)


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Tuesday, 06 July 2010

When my husband's parents passed away we found boxes (and boxes) of promotional matchbooks and matchboxes down in their basement, a collection that spanned decades of travel and fine dining. It was fun to go through them and imagine the folks picking them up at swanky restaurants back in the 60's and 70's when everyone smoked and every establishment had custom matchbooks that doubled as free souvenirs.

The thing is, even people who don't smoke still love (and keep) personalized matchbooks. They're one of the least costly and most collected swag items on the planet. Unless they're used up, matchbooks and matchboxes are almost never thrown away. So today I thought I'd show you some of the cooler variations of personalized matches we offer at Swag Connection:

Pillow Matchboxes - Item #1038

Pillow Matchboxes are a hipper, more upscale presentation that's a perfect branding touch for high-end bars, restaurants and resorts. The striker is located on the back of the inner pouch sleeve.

Double Lipstick Matchboxes - Item 1011-D2L

Double Lipstick Matchboxes are uniquely shaped and hold extra-long matches that are perfect for lighting candles, campfires and barbeques. This distinctive shape stands out from the crowd.

Table Tent Matchboxes - Item 1002-D2L

If you want personalized matches that make a bold statement, table tent matches are the way to go! These extra-large boxes look great on tables and really show off your custom artwork.

Triangular Matchboxes - Item 1029

Triangular shaped personalized matchboxes are a cool alternative to ordinary matchbooks for about the same price.

Desk Matchboxes - Item 1009

These square-shaped matchboxes hold a whopping 75 matches & look like little pocket-sized works of art. This is a box of matches that will stick around to promote your brand for a long time!

Flip-Top Matchboxes - Item 1004

Not for everyone, but an edgy matchbox alternative for fearless branders... or tobacco companies!

Tube Matchboxes - Item 1006

These uniquely shaped match tubes are sure to strike up lots of conversations about your brand!

No matter which style you choose, Swag Connection has personalized matches to fit your unique brand image and look. We also offer traditional and budget-priced personalized matchbooks for businesses, as well as small-quantity wedding matchbooks for your special day.

If you're interested in striking up a conversation about branding your own customized matchboxes I'd love to hear from you! You can reach Swag Connection toll-free at 866-247-4320 (or) email me directly: diane@swagconnection.com.

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more swag ideas!



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Thursday, 27 May 2010

After a long & rainy Northwest winter there's nothing I look forward to more than getting back on my bicycle. Apparently I have lots of company: according to BikeLeague.org over 57 million American adults ride a bike at least once a year (as of 2002, I'm sure that's higher now).

Savvy promotional marketers know that usefulness is the #1 reason a recipient will hang on to swag items they're given, so why not brand some good bike-related items this year? Here are five of my favorite swag ideas in this category:


Bike bottles take a lot of abuse & anyone who rides regularly will probably appreciate a fresh new bike bottle. This Biodegradable Custom Bike Bottle is made in the USA and holds 24oz. of water. It will fit in any standard bike bottle cage & the neck is large enough to drop ice cubes through.

Most of the biodegradable bike bottles are white or clear, but this one comes in blue & green in addition to translucent clear. This one also has a nice range of cap colors to match your company color scheme. Priced from $.99/ea, this is a great swag idea for tradeshows or outdoor events.

Power Marketing Tip: Stuff bike bottles with smaller items like pencils, candy or special-offer coupons before distributing them.

CUSTOM BICYCLE BELLS are another fun bike-related swag item to put your logo on. Bells are a safety item every urban bicyclist Customized Bike Bellcan use, and this chrome-plated number has a definite retro appeal. Your logo is printed in full color under a clear protective dome, and the bells mount easily to any standard size handlebar. Our Custom Bike Bells have a low minimum order of 100 pieces and are a unique swag item that people will remember!

PROMO BIKE TIRE PATCH KITS come in several different sizes, but I like this one because it's small & inexpensive with everything a person needs for up to six repairs. The translucent Custom Patch Kit plastic box is wrapped with your custom, full-color label as shown & contains 6 patches, glue, sandpaper and (thankfully for some) instructions.

Priced at under $2.00 this Custom Patch Kit is a great, creative marketing swag idea. Buy a nice bicycle as a grand prize at your next tradeshow and give patch kits as an incentive to enter your drawing - it's a great way to generate excitement AND leads!

  Detachable Bike Light Next up, I just love this DETACHABLE LED BICYCLE FLASHLIGHT because it's so useful. Clipped to a bike handlebar as shown, it's a powerful and bright headlight for safe riding at night. Release the clip & it can be used just like a regular flashlight. Great for road riders or mountain bikers, this is an excellent promotional swag idea in the $5.00 price range. We recently did an order of these Bike Lights for a local utility company & they really look sharp with a custom logo (printed on the clip). With a super-low minimum order of 25 lights, this is a swag idea that can fit any budget!

Another staple swag item for bicyclists is BLINKING BIKE REFLECTORS, which save lives by Customized Bike Light making bikes more visible in low-light conditions. Promotional safety reflectors come in many shapes and sizes, but I particularly like this Custom Tail Clip Light. It has 5 bright LEDs with over 100 hours of battery life and has both blinking & steady light modes. It comes with a clip assembly for mounting on a bike and has a nice large imprint area for your custom logo. Priced at less than $6.00 with a low minimum order of 50 lights, this is a versatile, safety-related swag idea that can be used by non-cyclists too!

Last but not least, check out this CUSTOM MINI BIKE PUMP that mounts to nearly any bike frame.Customized Bike Tire Pump Although it's custom-logo printed, this is a premium-quality alloy bike tire pump that any cyclist will appreciate. Lightweight and powerful, a frame-mounted hand pump like this is a must for long distance bike rides.

Priced closer to $20, this is the spendiest bike swag item I'm featuring. I could see these Custom Tire Pumps used as a gift-with-purchase for bike shops or as an employee incentive for corporate fitness programs. They'd also be a great way to promote a bicycle repair shop or other bike-related business. Comes with frame mount as shown.

Swag Connection also has lots of other bike-related swag ideas. If you type the word "Bike" into the search field on http://www.swagconnection.com/. you'll find over 200 bike-related swag ideas!

We can also hook you up with custom, full-color bicycle jerseys if you have a team or club to outfit.

Just contact me (Diane) with any questions or to discuss your bike swag needs. My direct email is: diane@swagconnection.com and my toll-free number is 866-247-4320 (M-F, 9-5 Pacific Time).

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more swag ideas!

PS: Follow me on twitter for exclusive, budget-stretching "Tweet Deals": http://www.twitter.com/swagconnection

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Friday, 07 May 2010

Here's a cool, brand-new swag idea just in time for your Spring marketing:

Clear, Clever Folding Flower Vases with Custom Branding:

Swag Connection Item PRM-PL-4101

There's nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up someone's day, which is why I love this new Folding Vase. Introduced to the promotional industry early in 2010, this product won top place in two categories at this year's ASI Orlando Tradeshow - "Best Bang for Your Buck" and "Most Likely to Build A Buzz".

These clever little bud vases are made of soft, flexible PVC plastic. They fold flat for easy storage and form a vase when filled with water. They stand about 10-1/2" tall with a 5" bottom diameter when filled, and come with your choice of Black, Blue, Green, Red or yellow trim.

These folding vases are an ideal swag idea for:
Nursing or Retirement Homes
Florists & Nurseries
Real Estate  or Insurance Agents
Hospitals & Clinics
Cruise Lines
Hotels, Spas & Resorts
Special Event Table Decoration

These would also be a fun swag idea for tradeshows- set up a few of these folding vases on the table at your booth, then add water & flowers to demonstrate how they work. They'll add a festive springtime look to your display and make your booth seem more inviting to attendees.

These Flexi-Vases come packaged in a self-mailer envelope and would also be a great swag idea for direct mail campaigns. Priced at under $2/ea with a minimum order of 200 pieces, this is a unique and memorable way to promote your brand in a classy way.


This is just one of the thousands of swag ideas you'll find at Swag Connection.
Click here to view this item in more detail on our website or request a quote.

Feel free to email me (sales@swagconnection.com) or give me a call toll-free (866-247-4320) if you have questions or would like to talk about ordering this item with your custom logo. I love to hear from my blog readers!

Thanks for reading - and if you know other people who are always looking for interesting swag ideas for their marketing, please tell them about my blog.

Diane Nudelman


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Thursday, 29 April 2010

According to data provided by the Humane Society of the US, there are over 77.5 million dogs owned in the USA, with 39% of all households owning at least one dog. As a dog lover myself, I was tickled to come across this fun, dog-themed swag idea - Doggie Water Bottles. If the way to a pet owner's heart is through their dog, these are sure to make them fall in love with your brand.

Custom Logo Metal Water Bottles... For Dogs!

ETS Express "K-9" Collection Doggie Water Bottles

At first glance this looks like any ordinary stainless steel promo water bottle, but it has a very special feature specially designed for our furry friends... a roller-ball dispenser lid!

Awww, isn't he cute??

This is a great solution for packing water along for dogs on walks or during travel. Unlike collapsible pet bowls, it's a self-contained, spillproof unit that fits easily in a backpack or ice chest. It's important for pets to stay hydrated during hot summer months, and this makes it so easy for pet owners to always have fresh water at hand in an easy-to-drink-from container.

Those who read my blog know I'm always saying you need to think outside the box when searching for swag ideas because the most popular items have been "done to death" and don't get people excited. That's becoming the case with metal water bottles for humans - by now, nearly everyone has at least one. This is a great way to jump on the metal bottle craze, but with a cool twist. Even if you give these to non-dog owners, chances are they'll pass one of these along to a pet-owning friend or relative. 

These K-9 Collection Dog Water Bottles range in price between $8-$10/ea with a low minimum order of just 36 pieces. For even more branding fun, let us combine your logo with cool dog-themed wraparound graphics for a custom designed look!


Swag Connection offers this item on our swagconnection.com website, just click the link for more details and pricing, or to request a quote with your custom logo.

Feel free to call us toll free at 866-247-4320 or email me directly: diane@swagconnection.com. I love to hear from our blog readers, many of whom become clients!

Have a great day & keep coming back for more swag ideas!


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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Tired of the same old selection of golf swag?

Looking for something fresh and different for your golf marketing in 2010?

Introducing the BirdieBall with Custom Logo
"The Most Accurate & Rewarding Practice Ball In Golf"

BirdieBall Custom Clamshell - Item #BBC

Just in time for your spring golf events, the Swag Queen is here to save you from the same old boring golf giveaways. After all, how many custom logo divot fixers and ball markers can one golfer really use?

Give them the one golf swag gift that will actually help them IMPROVE their game. The BirdieBall has been written up in Golf Magazine and featured on Good Morning America as one of the best golf gifts available. Now available with your custom logo, Swag Connection offers the entire line of custom logo BirdieBall products including the single-ball clamshell pack shown here.

How does BirdieBall work?

The Birdie Ball uses wiffle ball technology - it feels and flies like a real golf ball but only travels about 40 yards so it's easily retrieved. The reverse spin around BirdieBall's center of gravity created with the loft of the club is similar to that of a golf ball. It flies just far enough to show ball flight, but the non-dimpled surface and straight sides give it a short flight, long hang-time and a distinctive "turbine" sound. It's a favorite teaching aid of golf professionals around the globe.

Options, Pricing & How To Order BirdieBall from Swag Connection

The single BirdieBall clamshell shown above is the lowest-priced custom logo BirdieBall product we offer. These are available with your custom logo and come packaged as shown with instructions. Minimum order quantity starts at 150 pieces, and catalog pricing is around $2-$4/ea depending on quantity.

We also offer other BirdieBall kits including 3-piece clear tube packages and boxes of one dozen. We also offer the new BirdieBall Strike Pad Kit with Custom logo. All of these options, with pricing, can be viewed by clicking this link to Gold Bond Inc (our BirdieBall supplier partner).

TO ORDER, simply call Swag Connection at 866-247-4320 or drop us an email. We will be more than happy to provide more information or quote your BirdieBall project.


Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more great swag ideas!

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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Custom Laptop Sleeves make great business gifts. The problem is not all laptops are the same size - they can range anywhere from 12" to 17", which is ia pretty wide range. How do you decide which size to order?

Swag Connection has the solution - check out our CUSTOM LAPTOP SLEEVE with UNIVERSAL FIT:

This clever design eliminates the guesswork, it fits any size laptop computer perfectly. Made of 600d polyester with a soft, plush interior, this custom laptop sleeve is one of my favorite swag ideas for a computer-related business gift for under $20. Simply place the computer inside, secure it with the Velcro strap and buckle the flap closure for snug and secure fit every time.

An outside zippered pocket holds small accessories and the carry handle makes it easy to grab and go. This custom laptop sleeve comes decorated with your logo, which can be screen printed or embroidered depending on the look you prefer.

Computer laptop sleeves are a super-popular promotional item right now, and they give your logo excellent exposure because they're mobile by nature and have a nice large imprint area. This custom laptop sleeve would be a great business gift for employees, valued clients or other stakeholders in your business or non-profit.

This is also an item that could be used for what we call a "sticky promotion" where you deliver or mail out the laptop sleeve to a targeted audience, along with an offer they can respond to for a chance to win a laptop computer. This could be a fun way to kick off a sales contest internally or create excitement around a technology-related new product launch.

The minimum order quantity for this custom laptop sleeve is 48 pieces. Price ranges between $12.83-$17.36 depending on order quantity. Here's a link where you can see more details and pricing on our supplier's website: Goodhope Bags Universal Computer Sleeve


Contact me at Swag Connection - 866-247-4320 or email me: sales@swagconnection.com

I love to hear from people who find me through the blog and will be more than happy to help you with an order for this or any other swag items you're interested in finding.

Thanks so much for reading & keep coming back for more swag ideas!

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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Spring is just around the corner and everyone is getting back on their bikes.

Promote your brand this spring in a truly unique (and useful) way with these custom-logo Bicycle Tire Levers from Swag Connection:

As you can see, your logo or message really jumps out on this item! An essential item for every cyclist, these are an inexpensive swag idea that's really quite unique. I don't know about where you live, but here in Portland Oregon it seems EVERYONE is a bike commuter these days (including me when it's not raining TOO hard). Bicycle-themed swag is still fairly uncommon outside of bike-themed events, so this is one of those swag ideas I'm always looking for that hasn't been "done to death".

These are a no-brainer if your target audience is bicyclists or if you're in a bicycle-related industry, but I'd also say this item could be used to creatively market outside that small niche. For example, these would be a great way for HR to promote a "Bike To Work Day" to employees in a large company. Financial planners or business consultants could also tie in the idea of "leverage" with this item to promote their services.

This is also a swag item that could be used for a 'guessing game' promotion at tradeshows... basically you hand them out and have people guess what they're supposed to be used for. It's a fun way to get people engaged in conversation in a non-intimidating way, and the best guesses could be posted on your website for all to see!

Last but not least, these would be great swag for bike shops to give out for test rides or with the purchase of a new bike. This is just one of our bicycle-themed swag ideas - give me a call or send me an email if you're interested in finding out about other bike swag ideas.


Give me a call at 866-247-4320 and I'll be more than happy to help you out! I love hearing from my blog readers :)

Thanks for reading & please tell others about my blog. Keep coming back for more unique swag ideas!

Diane Nudelman "The Swag Queen"



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Wednesday, 03 March 2010

Now you can promote your brand with one of America's most trusted products...

Introducing the WD-40 Pen with Your Custom Label
(available March 31, 2010)

If you're searching for new giveaway swag ideas this one should be at the top of your list. These handy WD-40 Pens have hundreds of uses and are sure to be a big hit at your next tradeshow or marketing event.

WD-40 stops sqeaks, loosens rusted parts, protects against corrosion and removes grease, gum, crayon and dirt from surfaces safely and easily with a low-odor formulation. The precision dispensing tip ensures no-mess application and makes this a handy item for glovebox, toolkit, desk drawer or backpack.

These authentic, name-brand WD-40 pens are brand new to the promotional market - in fact they're not even available until the end of this month... but as a Swag Connection blog reader I wanted you to be the very first to know about them.

Minimum order quantity with custom label is 250 pieces. The WD-40 Pen is priced between $1.99-$2.58/each depending on quantity ordered.


Swag Connection is happy to help - just contact us for a quote, sample or more information on this product from our Natural Trends catalog:

Phone: 503-281-6420 (In Oregon )  866-247-4320 (Toll-Free)

Email: sales@swagconnection.com

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more swag ideas!

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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Seriously. A rugged, full size computer keyboard you can put your logo on... and PUT THROUGH THE DISHWASHER:


The Seal Shield dishwasher-safe line of keyboards was originally developed for use in the medical industry as a way to help stop the spread of germs in hospital settings. This is not a gimmick - they're full size, full function computer keyboards that are 100% waterproof.

I recently discovered these "dishwasher keyboards" are now available with custom corporate logo decoration in the promotional products industry. This is a great swag idea!

If you have any inkling at all of how germy and nasty the average office keyboard is (hint: much worse than a public toilet seat), your company should JUMP at the chance to convert your employee workstations to custom logo Seal Shield keyboards from Swag Connection. Not only do they cost about the same as ordinary keyboards ($35-$59 depending on style & quantity), they're a tangible way your company can prove it cares about employee health and well-being.

As a promotional business gift or incentive, this is a swag idea that's simply brilliant. Talk about a branded promotional gift that people will use and keep for years and years with daily logo exposure. If your company sells any sort of high-tech software or computer systems, thanking your customers for a nice order with a custom Seal Shield keyboard or two is a no-brainer.

We currently offer 3 styles of name-brand Seal Shield dishwasher-safe keyboards through industry supplier Logomark, as well as the waterproof, dishwasher-safe Seal Shield mouse. They can be ordered with or without your company's custom logo imprint.


Simply contact us here at Swag Connection to get started. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and get your project started!

Phone: 866-247-4320
Email: Sales@Swagconnection.com

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more great swag ideas!



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