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Friday, 08 July 2011
 The PowerDecal is a brand new swag idea I just discovered today and had to share with you:

The PowerDecal adheres to the inside of a car window, and in daylight it looks much like a window cling decal. It really shines after dark (pun intended) because it contains an LED backlight that makes it glow. This high-tech version of the bumper sticker has a built-in sensor that causes it to light up and stay lit while the car is in motion. The sensor also automatically turns it off two minutes after the car is parked!

A video is worth a thousand words, so check out this 1-minute clip:

At about $22 each they're not a going to be a mass-giveaway item, but I can see lots of potential uses for these unique auto accessories. If I owned a casino or nightclub in Las Vegas (or any other major city) I would put them in every taxi in town! They would make great VIP car passes that would be instantly recognizable day or night. Also a great idea for after-dark identification of emergency response or other official vehicles. Ditto for pizza or take-out delivery vehicles, company fleet vehicles, airport shuttles or private security firm cars.

These can be customized with your company's full-color process design, with a low setup charge of $48.00 and a minimum of a dozen decals. They come gift-boxed with battery included.

They're also available with a variety of licensed college, fraternity, sorority and sports team logos.


Click here to view more details & pricing on our website

Please contact me if I can help you with an order or answer any questions. I love to hear from my blog readers, and many of you become clients!

My email: diane@swagconnection.com
Toll-Free: 866.247.4320

Thanks for reading & please come back often for more fun and unique swag ideas!

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011
Do you sometimes get the feeling that time is speeding up?

While I'm pretty sure there are still 24 hours in the day, it seems we're all packing longer "to-do" lists than ever before. One symptom of being too busy: forgetting to order swag for your events until the week before it's needed.

Procrastinators take heart - the swag industry is embracing your "gotta have it yesterday" demands by offering super-fast production on an ever wider variety of items at no extra cost. Here's a new option for those who need custom drinkware in a hurry:


ETS Express of California is one of Swag Connection's top suppliers for water bottles, travel mugs, customized glassware and ceramic coffee cups. Our clients love their low order minimums, innovative product designs and excellent quality.

The ENTIRE ETS Express Product Line is now offered with FREE 24-hour production on orders for up to 3,000 pieces with a one-color custom imprint.

The drinkware is fabulous, but COOL, CUSTOMIZABLE STOCK ARTWORK DESIGNS are really what sets this line apart from a creative marketing standpoint. ETS has designed a wide variety of design templates that can be easily customized by changing colors and adding a logo or text. These templates enable your organization to create really cool-looking drinkware easily and affordably - without the added time and expense of hiring a graphic artist!

The last unique thing I want to mention today about our ETS Drinkware Line is their TOTAL BRANDING program. Here's a video where you can learn more about this unique program that offers custom-designed packaging to tie your logo drinkware to your company's other marketing materials for a TOTAL brand experience:

Total Branding from ETS Express on Vimeo.

As I've watched the swag industry evolve over the past decade, I'm convinced that what we're seeing at ETS Express is truly the future of our industry. The clients we work with who buy swag for their companies today are usually wearing lots of hats. They're busy, sophisticated buyers who want it all - lots of choices, fast turnaround, excellent product design, retail-level quality and a high degree of artwork customization. All of this, of course, must be delivered on time, with great service and at reasonable prices without a lot of 'hidden' charges.

When I started out in 2002, ETS Express was a supplier of ceramic coffee cups and glassware that didn't really stand out from other, similar product lines. They've grown to become an industry leader by correctly anticipating what swag buyers really want, which is more than just new products - they want new products faster with more customization.

Thanks for reading my blog today, and I welcome your comments. I also urge you to contact me personally if I can help you with swag ideas for your company!

Diane Nudelman, "The Swag Queen"
866-247-4320 toll-free

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011
When looking for inspiration in any area of life, it can often be found in art.

Today I'm turning to the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) collection, which is one of the coolest gift lines we offer (as well as one that many people don't even know exists!).

These are swag ideas that truly fulfill our brand promise of "Cool Stuff + Your Logo"

Pop-Up Pencil Cup

This functional and whimsical Pencil Cup, designed by Paul Koh, was inspired by the classic drinking straw dispenser. Lift the red ball & the pencils rise and fan out for easy access. Your logo appears on the cup as shown, the MoMA logo and designer name are molded on the bottom of the stainless steel holder.

Box of X-Bands

These X-shaped rubber bands are simply genius, everyone should have a box of these! Featured in the museum's design collection, the X-Bands come in an assortment of four sizes and colors in a custom plastic container. The container is MoMA branded on top as shown, with your company logo custom screen-printed on the side of the container.

Stainless Steel Mirror

Sleek and simple, unique and personal, this is an excellent swag idea for brands that market to the female audience. This highly polished stainless steel compact mirror is unbreakable and comes in a citrus-colored leather like case. MoMA logo is die stamped on handle. This mirror also comes in a rectangular version (lime green or black case choice on that one). We customize this with a laser-engraved or screen printed logo on the back of the mirror.

Stainless Steel Coasters

If you're looking for a functional gift to impress even a C-level executive, consider these brushed nickel MoMA coasters. This set of six coasters features easy-to-grab handles & felt bottoms to protect furniture. Attractively presented in a laser-engraved tabletop holder. A discreet MoMA logo is laser engraved as shown next to the handle slot. 

The Peep Clock

This is not your ordinary wall clock. Designed by Noriyuki Shirasu, the black dots draw your eye to the numbers that display the current time, while the rest of the numbers on the clock face fade into the background. This clock is neutral enough to accent any office decor and subtly keeps your brand top-of-mind with daily logo exposure... in a very classy way.

Follow This Link to the MoMA Collection on SwagConnection.com

I hope these ideas not only inspire you, but also show you that promotional swag can be so much more than the same old stuff. While I'm the first to admit these items are priced at a premium, they're also more impressive to your recipients. These are the kind of branded items that stand out and get your brand noticed, which is what really good swag is all about!

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more swag ideas!

Diane Nudelman - "The Swag Queen" of Swag Connection

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Friday, 07 January 2011
 Here's a brand-new swag idea for 2011:
Fold-Flat Water Bottles

Swag Connection Item #zswih-hk

As someone who loves to travel I love this new foldable 24oz. water bottle. This takes up almost no room in a carry-on or gym bag, but it expands to hold as much as a good-size sport bottle.

This exclusive new travel water bottle comes pre-printed with the design around the edges as shown. Your logo is custom printed in the center. For now this is the only color scheme. Hopefully if the item catches on they'll start offering it in a wider variety of colors.

While the fold-flat design is handy for the recipients, it's also a space and money saver for the company that orders them to hand out. They take up MUCH less storage area than regular water bottles and also cost significantly less to ship.

If you're thinking about trade show giveaways, these are a fantastic choice. They're a brand-new item most people don't already own, they're inexpensive and useful - and they don't take up a lot of room at your booth.

Priced between $2.39-$3.29 with a minimum order of just 100 bottles, this is one of my favorite new swag ideas for 2011.

*******UPDATE: ADDED 1/20/11*******
I found another, similar fold-flat water bottle today from another vendor. It's solid color and doesn't have the pre-printed design, plus it's a little lower in price:

Click Here for more details & pricing on this one

Click Here to shop for the first item on our webstore

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more new & unique swag ideas!

Diane Nudelman "The Swag Queen"
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Monday, 25 October 2010
 Here's a brand new swag idea I just ran across today & had to share with you. This customized high-tech gadget turns a box (or other hollow object) into a Portable Speaker:

Groovy Stick-On Portable Speaker

This has to be one of the more innovative swag ideas I've come across in recent months, and just in time for the holiday season. This little gadget, called a Groovy Stick-On Portable Speaker, is a pocket sized amplifier designed to work with portable audio players like iPods and MP3 music players.

One end plugs in to the headphone jack of the audio device. The other end has a sticky silicone-backed speaker that be stuck on to any hollow object (like a box or a cup) to instantly create an audio speaker with surprisingly good sound quality.


When not in use, it all tucks nicely together into a travel-sized unit that has a nicely sized area for your custom logo imprint. This promotional sound system can be powered via your computer's USB port or by 2 AAA batteries (included).

Priced at around $20 (with a minimum order quantity of 50 units) this box speaker creator is an interesting swag idea for marketers seeking to reach a hip, music-loving and technically savvy audience.

While corporate buyers of this item would naturally include companies in the music or entertainment industries, this item would also make a great employee gift or incentive item... especially for software, internet or gaming companies which typically have a younger work force. I could also see this as a great "Wrap Gift" for the cast and crew of movies or television productions.

You can see more details & current pricing on this item by clicking through to: Groovy Portable Speakers on SwagConnection.com.


That's what we do & we'd be stoked to help you out. Lots of our clients find us through this blog. We can answer questions about this item, help you order a sample or suggest other swag ideas if you're looking for just the right thing.

Email: diane@swagconnection.com
Phone: 866-247-4320 (toll free, hours 8-5 pacific time)

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for new & innovative swag ideas!

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

High Tech meets Happy Hour:
USB Bottle Openers from Swag Connection

The iClick Milwaukee Drive

Here's a brand-new swag idea that just crossed my desk today, and what a fun item for summer! These all metal, heavy-duty USB Bottle Openers are fully-functioning USB Drives with your choice of 2GB, 4GB or 8GB of memory capacity.

While this isn't a drive for the extremely price-conscious, it has a lot going for it. Bottle openers have always been a very popular addition to people's keyrings, and this is designed for that. As most people handle their keys several times each day, the keyring is a prime location for your brand.

Usefulness is another huge factor when it comes to swag that is kept versus swag that's passed along. This USB Bottle opener serves two functions, making it superior to ordinary flash drives that can only be used for data storage. Plus it's got that 'fun factor' that sets it apart from ordinary flashdrives.

Not so long ago it was a big deal to get a promotional USB drive, as they were relatively expensive and few companies could afford to give them away. That's no longer the case. Today you can't assume that people are going to keep, use (or even remember) your ordinary custom-logo flashdrives - they've become ubiquitous. Stepping up to a cool drive like these is what smart marketers are doing to keep their branding fresh, memorable and top-of-mind (not to mention top-of-bottle!)

While this is an obvious choice for beer or soda companies, they're also a great swag idea for:


The minimum order is 50 drives, with turnaround time of betwen 2-3 weeks.

USB Memory Prices change weekly, so please contact us for a current quote:
Toll-Free - 866-247-4320

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more new & unique swag ideas :)


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Tuesday, 06 July 2010

When my husband's parents passed away we found boxes (and boxes) of promotional matchbooks and matchboxes down in their basement, a collection that spanned decades of travel and fine dining. It was fun to go through them and imagine the folks picking them up at swanky restaurants back in the 60's and 70's when everyone smoked and every establishment had custom matchbooks that doubled as free souvenirs.

The thing is, even people who don't smoke still love (and keep) personalized matchbooks. They're one of the least costly and most collected swag items on the planet. Unless they're used up, matchbooks and matchboxes are almost never thrown away. So today I thought I'd show you some of the cooler variations of personalized matches we offer at Swag Connection:

Pillow Matchboxes - Item #1038

Pillow Matchboxes are a hipper, more upscale presentation that's a perfect branding touch for high-end bars, restaurants and resorts. The striker is located on the back of the inner pouch sleeve.

Double Lipstick Matchboxes - Item 1011-D2L

Double Lipstick Matchboxes are uniquely shaped and hold extra-long matches that are perfect for lighting candles, campfires and barbeques. This distinctive shape stands out from the crowd.

Table Tent Matchboxes - Item 1002-D2L

If you want personalized matches that make a bold statement, table tent matches are the way to go! These extra-large boxes look great on tables and really show off your custom artwork.

Triangular Matchboxes - Item 1029

Triangular shaped personalized matchboxes are a cool alternative to ordinary matchbooks for about the same price.

Desk Matchboxes - Item 1009

These square-shaped matchboxes hold a whopping 75 matches & look like little pocket-sized works of art. This is a box of matches that will stick around to promote your brand for a long time!

Flip-Top Matchboxes - Item 1004

Not for everyone, but an edgy matchbox alternative for fearless branders... or tobacco companies!

Tube Matchboxes - Item 1006

These uniquely shaped match tubes are sure to strike up lots of conversations about your brand!

No matter which style you choose, Swag Connection has personalized matches to fit your unique brand image and look. We also offer traditional and budget-priced personalized matchbooks for businesses, as well as small-quantity wedding matchbooks for your special day.

If you're interested in striking up a conversation about branding your own customized matchboxes I'd love to hear from you! You can reach Swag Connection toll-free at 866-247-4320 (or) email me directly: diane@swagconnection.com.

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more swag ideas!



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Thursday, 27 May 2010

After a long & rainy Northwest winter there's nothing I look forward to more than getting back on my bicycle. Apparently I have lots of company: according to BikeLeague.org over 57 million American adults ride a bike at least once a year (as of 2002, I'm sure that's higher now).

Savvy promotional marketers know that usefulness is the #1 reason a recipient will hang on to swag items they're given, so why not brand some good bike-related items this year? Here are five of my favorite swag ideas in this category:


Bike bottles take a lot of abuse & anyone who rides regularly will probably appreciate a fresh new bike bottle. This Biodegradable Custom Bike Bottle is made in the USA and holds 24oz. of water. It will fit in any standard bike bottle cage & the neck is large enough to drop ice cubes through.

Most of the biodegradable bike bottles are white or clear, but this one comes in blue & green in addition to translucent clear. This one also has a nice range of cap colors to match your company color scheme. Priced from $.99/ea, this is a great swag idea for tradeshows or outdoor events.

Power Marketing Tip: Stuff bike bottles with smaller items like pencils, candy or special-offer coupons before distributing them.

CUSTOM BICYCLE BELLS are another fun bike-related swag item to put your logo on. Bells are a safety item every urban bicyclist Customized Bike Bellcan use, and this chrome-plated number has a definite retro appeal. Your logo is printed in full color under a clear protective dome, and the bells mount easily to any standard size handlebar. Our Custom Bike Bells have a low minimum order of 100 pieces and are a unique swag item that people will remember!

PROMO BIKE TIRE PATCH KITS come in several different sizes, but I like this one because it's small & inexpensive with everything a person needs for up to six repairs. The translucent Custom Patch Kit plastic box is wrapped with your custom, full-color label as shown & contains 6 patches, glue, sandpaper and (thankfully for some) instructions.

Priced at under $2.00 this Custom Patch Kit is a great, creative marketing swag idea. Buy a nice bicycle as a grand prize at your next tradeshow and give patch kits as an incentive to enter your drawing - it's a great way to generate excitement AND leads!

  Detachable Bike Light Next up, I just love this DETACHABLE LED BICYCLE FLASHLIGHT because it's so useful. Clipped to a bike handlebar as shown, it's a powerful and bright headlight for safe riding at night. Release the clip & it can be used just like a regular flashlight. Great for road riders or mountain bikers, this is an excellent promotional swag idea in the $5.00 price range. We recently did an order of these Bike Lights for a local utility company & they really look sharp with a custom logo (printed on the clip). With a super-low minimum order of 25 lights, this is a swag idea that can fit any budget!

Another staple swag item for bicyclists is BLINKING BIKE REFLECTORS, which save lives by Customized Bike Light making bikes more visible in low-light conditions. Promotional safety reflectors come in many shapes and sizes, but I particularly like this Custom Tail Clip Light. It has 5 bright LEDs with over 100 hours of battery life and has both blinking & steady light modes. It comes with a clip assembly for mounting on a bike and has a nice large imprint area for your custom logo. Priced at less than $6.00 with a low minimum order of 50 lights, this is a versatile, safety-related swag idea that can be used by non-cyclists too!

Last but not least, check out this CUSTOM MINI BIKE PUMP that mounts to nearly any bike frame.Customized Bike Tire Pump Although it's custom-logo printed, this is a premium-quality alloy bike tire pump that any cyclist will appreciate. Lightweight and powerful, a frame-mounted hand pump like this is a must for long distance bike rides.

Priced closer to $20, this is the spendiest bike swag item I'm featuring. I could see these Custom Tire Pumps used as a gift-with-purchase for bike shops or as an employee incentive for corporate fitness programs. They'd also be a great way to promote a bicycle repair shop or other bike-related business. Comes with frame mount as shown.

Swag Connection also has lots of other bike-related swag ideas. If you type the word "Bike" into the search field on http://www.swagconnection.com/. you'll find over 200 bike-related swag ideas!

We can also hook you up with custom, full-color bicycle jerseys if you have a team or club to outfit.

Just contact me (Diane) with any questions or to discuss your bike swag needs. My direct email is: diane@swagconnection.com and my toll-free number is 866-247-4320 (M-F, 9-5 Pacific Time).

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more swag ideas!

PS: Follow me on twitter for exclusive, budget-stretching "Tweet Deals": http://www.twitter.com/swagconnection

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Friday, 07 May 2010

Here's a cool, brand-new swag idea just in time for your Spring marketing:

Clear, Clever Folding Flower Vases with Custom Branding:

Swag Connection Item PRM-PL-4101

There's nothing like fresh flowers to brighten up someone's day, which is why I love this new Folding Vase. Introduced to the promotional industry early in 2010, this product won top place in two categories at this year's ASI Orlando Tradeshow - "Best Bang for Your Buck" and "Most Likely to Build A Buzz".

These clever little bud vases are made of soft, flexible PVC plastic. They fold flat for easy storage and form a vase when filled with water. They stand about 10-1/2" tall with a 5" bottom diameter when filled, and come with your choice of Black, Blue, Green, Red or yellow trim.

These folding vases are an ideal swag idea for:
Nursing or Retirement Homes
Florists & Nurseries
Real Estate  or Insurance Agents
Hospitals & Clinics
Cruise Lines
Hotels, Spas & Resorts
Special Event Table Decoration

These would also be a fun swag idea for tradeshows- set up a few of these folding vases on the table at your booth, then add water & flowers to demonstrate how they work. They'll add a festive springtime look to your display and make your booth seem more inviting to attendees.

These Flexi-Vases come packaged in a self-mailer envelope and would also be a great swag idea for direct mail campaigns. Priced at under $2/ea with a minimum order of 200 pieces, this is a unique and memorable way to promote your brand in a classy way.


This is just one of the thousands of swag ideas you'll find at Swag Connection.
Click here to view this item in more detail on our website or request a quote.

Feel free to email me (sales@swagconnection.com) or give me a call toll-free (866-247-4320) if you have questions or would like to talk about ordering this item with your custom logo. I love to hear from my blog readers!

Thanks for reading - and if you know other people who are always looking for interesting swag ideas for their marketing, please tell them about my blog.

Diane Nudelman


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Thursday, 29 April 2010

According to data provided by the Humane Society of the US, there are over 77.5 million dogs owned in the USA, with 39% of all households owning at least one dog. As a dog lover myself, I was tickled to come across this fun, dog-themed swag idea - Doggie Water Bottles. If the way to a pet owner's heart is through their dog, these are sure to make them fall in love with your brand.

Custom Logo Metal Water Bottles... For Dogs!

ETS Express "K-9" Collection Doggie Water Bottles

At first glance this looks like any ordinary stainless steel promo water bottle, but it has a very special feature specially designed for our furry friends... a roller-ball dispenser lid!

Awww, isn't he cute??

This is a great solution for packing water along for dogs on walks or during travel. Unlike collapsible pet bowls, it's a self-contained, spillproof unit that fits easily in a backpack or ice chest. It's important for pets to stay hydrated during hot summer months, and this makes it so easy for pet owners to always have fresh water at hand in an easy-to-drink-from container.

Those who read my blog know I'm always saying you need to think outside the box when searching for swag ideas because the most popular items have been "done to death" and don't get people excited. That's becoming the case with metal water bottles for humans - by now, nearly everyone has at least one. This is a great way to jump on the metal bottle craze, but with a cool twist. Even if you give these to non-dog owners, chances are they'll pass one of these along to a pet-owning friend or relative. 

These K-9 Collection Dog Water Bottles range in price between $8-$10/ea with a low minimum order of just 36 pieces. For even more branding fun, let us combine your logo with cool dog-themed wraparound graphics for a custom designed look!


Swag Connection offers this item on our swagconnection.com website, just click the link for more details and pricing, or to request a quote with your custom logo.

Feel free to call us toll free at 866-247-4320 or email me directly: diane@swagconnection.com. I love to hear from our blog readers, many of whom become clients!

Have a great day & keep coming back for more swag ideas!


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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Tired of the same old selection of golf swag?

Looking for something fresh and different for your golf marketing in 2010?

Introducing the BirdieBall with Custom Logo
"The Most Accurate & Rewarding Practice Ball In Golf"

BirdieBall Custom Clamshell - Item #BBC

Just in time for your spring golf events, the Swag Queen is here to save you from the same old boring golf giveaways. After all, how many custom logo divot fixers and ball markers can one golfer really use?

Give them the one golf swag gift that will actually help them IMPROVE their game. The BirdieBall has been written up in Golf Magazine and featured on Good Morning America as one of the best golf gifts available. Now available with your custom logo, Swag Connection offers the entire line of custom logo BirdieBall products including the single-ball clamshell pack shown here.

How does BirdieBall work?

The Birdie Ball uses wiffle ball technology - it feels and flies like a real golf ball but only travels about 40 yards so it's easily retrieved. The reverse spin around BirdieBall's center of gravity created with the loft of the club is similar to that of a golf ball. It flies just far enough to show ball flight, but the non-dimpled surface and straight sides give it a short flight, long hang-time and a distinctive "turbine" sound. It's a favorite teaching aid of golf professionals around the globe.

Options, Pricing & How To Order BirdieBall from Swag Connection

The single BirdieBall clamshell shown above is the lowest-priced custom logo BirdieBall product we offer. These are available with your custom logo and come packaged as shown with instructions. Minimum order quantity starts at 150 pieces, and catalog pricing is around $2-$4/ea depending on quantity.

We also offer other BirdieBall kits including 3-piece clear tube packages and boxes of one dozen. We also offer the new BirdieBall Strike Pad Kit with Custom logo. All of these options, with pricing, can be viewed by clicking this link to Gold Bond Inc (our BirdieBall supplier partner).

TO ORDER, simply call Swag Connection at 866-247-4320 or drop us an email. We will be more than happy to provide more information or quote your BirdieBall project.


Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more great swag ideas!

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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Spring is just around the corner and everyone is getting back on their bikes.

Promote your brand this spring in a truly unique (and useful) way with these custom-logo Bicycle Tire Levers from Swag Connection:

As you can see, your logo or message really jumps out on this item! An essential item for every cyclist, these are an inexpensive swag idea that's really quite unique. I don't know about where you live, but here in Portland Oregon it seems EVERYONE is a bike commuter these days (including me when it's not raining TOO hard). Bicycle-themed swag is still fairly uncommon outside of bike-themed events, so this is one of those swag ideas I'm always looking for that hasn't been "done to death".

These are a no-brainer if your target audience is bicyclists or if you're in a bicycle-related industry, but I'd also say this item could be used to creatively market outside that small niche. For example, these would be a great way for HR to promote a "Bike To Work Day" to employees in a large company. Financial planners or business consultants could also tie in the idea of "leverage" with this item to promote their services.

This is also a swag item that could be used for a 'guessing game' promotion at tradeshows... basically you hand them out and have people guess what they're supposed to be used for. It's a fun way to get people engaged in conversation in a non-intimidating way, and the best guesses could be posted on your website for all to see!

Last but not least, these would be great swag for bike shops to give out for test rides or with the purchase of a new bike. This is just one of our bicycle-themed swag ideas - give me a call or send me an email if you're interested in finding out about other bike swag ideas.


Give me a call at 866-247-4320 and I'll be more than happy to help you out! I love hearing from my blog readers :)

Thanks for reading & please tell others about my blog. Keep coming back for more unique swag ideas!

Diane Nudelman "The Swag Queen"



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Wednesday, 03 March 2010

Now you can promote your brand with one of America's most trusted products...

Introducing the WD-40 Pen with Your Custom Label
(available March 31, 2010)

If you're searching for new giveaway swag ideas this one should be at the top of your list. These handy WD-40 Pens have hundreds of uses and are sure to be a big hit at your next tradeshow or marketing event.

WD-40 stops sqeaks, loosens rusted parts, protects against corrosion and removes grease, gum, crayon and dirt from surfaces safely and easily with a low-odor formulation. The precision dispensing tip ensures no-mess application and makes this a handy item for glovebox, toolkit, desk drawer or backpack.

These authentic, name-brand WD-40 pens are brand new to the promotional market - in fact they're not even available until the end of this month... but as a Swag Connection blog reader I wanted you to be the very first to know about them.

Minimum order quantity with custom label is 250 pieces. The WD-40 Pen is priced between $1.99-$2.58/each depending on quantity ordered.


Swag Connection is happy to help - just contact us for a quote, sample or more information on this product from our Natural Trends catalog:

Phone: 503-281-6420 (In Oregon )  866-247-4320 (Toll-Free)

Email: sales@swagconnection.com

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more swag ideas!

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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Seriously. A rugged, full size computer keyboard you can put your logo on... and PUT THROUGH THE DISHWASHER:


The Seal Shield dishwasher-safe line of keyboards was originally developed for use in the medical industry as a way to help stop the spread of germs in hospital settings. This is not a gimmick - they're full size, full function computer keyboards that are 100% waterproof.

I recently discovered these "dishwasher keyboards" are now available with custom corporate logo decoration in the promotional products industry. This is a great swag idea!

If you have any inkling at all of how germy and nasty the average office keyboard is (hint: much worse than a public toilet seat), your company should JUMP at the chance to convert your employee workstations to custom logo Seal Shield keyboards from Swag Connection. Not only do they cost about the same as ordinary keyboards ($35-$59 depending on style & quantity), they're a tangible way your company can prove it cares about employee health and well-being.

As a promotional business gift or incentive, this is a swag idea that's simply brilliant. Talk about a branded promotional gift that people will use and keep for years and years with daily logo exposure. If your company sells any sort of high-tech software or computer systems, thanking your customers for a nice order with a custom Seal Shield keyboard or two is a no-brainer.

We currently offer 3 styles of name-brand Seal Shield dishwasher-safe keyboards through industry supplier Logomark, as well as the waterproof, dishwasher-safe Seal Shield mouse. They can be ordered with or without your company's custom logo imprint.


Simply contact us here at Swag Connection to get started. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and get your project started!

Phone: 866-247-4320
Email: Sales@Swagconnection.com

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more great swag ideas!



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Friday, 12 February 2010

This is an innovative and useful idea for anyone who plans or hosts large-scale events where food and wine is served. The CaterPlate is a clear plastic plate with a built-in wineglass holder AND re-attachable plastic utensils:

Your guests will love these plates because they can easily hold their plate, utensils and wineglass with one hand, leaving the other one free to select their food or shake the hands of other guests. You'll love them because they look sharp and professional with your custom logo - plus they stack flat and eliminate the need for messy piles of plastic eating utensils at your event.

The CaterPlate is Great For:

Convention Centers
Wedding & Event Planners
Charity Events
Chambers of Commerce
Corporate Hospitality
Theme Parks
Company Picnics

The CaterPlate is available with custom logo at quantities of 50 or more. It's MADE and PRINTED IN THE USA. The CaterPlate can be custom printed with up to 5 colors. There is no extra charge for metallic, neon or Pantone-matched inks. Made of #6 Polystyrene plastic, the CaterPlate is also recyclable.


You can find many of the items on our blog on www.swagconnection.com. For current pricing, quotes or samples please contact us by phone (866) 247-4320 or email us: sales@swagconnection.com.

The CaterPlate is a patented design from American Accents.

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more great swag ideas!



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Tuesday, 02 February 2010

Here are 3 great new recycled swag items I absolutely love for 2010:

First off, check out this recycled notecard wheel:

Ecoswag Item ALX-1341

This is definitely one of those items you really need to see in person to fully appreciate. While fan-type jotter notepads like this are nothing new, this one is cooler than the rest. It's made of recycled material, with a sturdy, smooth cover that looks great with a black logo imprint as shown. The first page has a 3-year calendar, followed by 76 pages in 4 color-coded sections. The pages are thicker than a regular notepad, in fact they're more like index cards. Each card is lined and perforated along the left-hand side to tear out neatly. You can't see it in the photo, but there's an attached orange elastic privacy band that keeps the jotter neatly closed when not in use.

This particular item currently only comes with the citrus-orange cover, but it really looks sharp and has a hip & modern vibe. Priced at under $4.00 this is a great swag idea to leave behind after sales calls or to give as a gift to clients or prospects.

Next, here's a similar item for keeping cards or photos:

Ecoswag Item ALX-1350

This is a smaller sized "wheel" with a recycled paperboard cover that contains 10 durable vinyl sleeves. It's perfect for keeping business cards, credit cards or even wallet-size photos! It can be hard to find swag ideas that will appeal to such a wide range of people, but this one works equally well for senior citizens, soccer moms or business people. You can barely see it, but this one also has an elastic band to keep it neatly closed when not in use.

Priced at $3 or less, this is one of my favorite "giveaway-priced" swag ideas for spring events and trade shows. This one does come in a choice of colors - Royal Blue, Black, Chocolate Brown or Orange.

Last but Not Least... a Recycled Password Keeper

Ecoswag Item #ALX-1342

For those who have too many logins and passwords to keep track of, this recycled Password Pad is a swag idea whose time has come. It's arranged in alphabetical order with sections for recording account names, password hints and passwords. Made of recycled material with a metal spiral binding & elastic privacy strap, this is a fantastic swag idea for creatively marketing your high tech company at events and conferences.

This item comes in Black, Brown or Royal Blue as shown. Also in the $3.00 and under price range, this is a unique and useful promotional item that many people have not yet seen.


Clicking the links below the photos will take you to these items on our ecoswag.com website where you'll find details and pricing. You can request a quote from the website, or simply call or email us for more information or to order a sample. (Ecoswag.com is a web division of Swag Connection).

Feel free to call us at 866-247-4320 (toll-free) or email us: sales@swagconnection.com

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more great swag ideas for your creative marketing!

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Monday, 25 January 2010

If you're in the business of creative marketing you may already be familiar with Brandelopes, which were used by (and feaatured on) the Ellen Degeneres Show during her 12 Days of Giveaways over the holiday season.

For those who haven't heard of them yet, a Brandelope is really just a customized version of a FedEx or Priority Mail envelope. Printed on both sides with full-color graphics, Brandelopes are a great way to create visual excitement for your direct mailings & increase your open/response rate. However, it's not the traditional Brandelope that I'm excited about today - it's their new product - the TABELOPE - which is a Brandelope with one very important feature... a tab that turns it into a file folder:

While this is pretty much identical to the Brandelope, it's the tab feature that I think is genius. Hardly anyone would hang on to a Brandelope after opening it up, but a Tabelope has the extra functionality of a file folder that makes it much more likely to be kept, possibly even for years after it's opened. This is especially true if it's used to deliver information or documents that need to be kept or referred to over time, such as tax returns or insurance policies. Since it's printed with your contact information, a Tabelope is a great way to keep that info literally at your recipient's fingertips in their file drawer.

With the entire front of the 9 x 11-3/4" sized Tabelope available for your custom graphics and message, this is a great vehicle for delivering your brand image with eye-popping full color impact. Priced at around $2/each (with a low minimum order of 200 pieces) this is creative direct marketing that even small companies with a modest budget can afford.

Here's how the tab feature works:

This is a GREAT swag idea for:
Tax Preparers
Insurance Agents
Finance Companies
Mortgage Brokers
HR Departments
Property Managers
Banks & Credit Unions
Senior Living Communities


We'd be more than happy to send you a sample of either the Brandelope or the Tabelope at your request. We can also quote your custom Brandelope or Tabelope project and help you with artwork development if needed.

Phone: 866-247-4320 (Toll Free)                 Email: Sales@Swagconnection.com

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more swag ideas for your creative marketing!

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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

I'm back in the office after attending the promotional product industry's biggest tradeshow last week (the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas). With over 2,000 catalog lines on display on the show floor, it was a great place to pick up new swag ideas to share with you for the year ahead. Here's one of my new favorite things:

Flexible Silicone Calculators

Bullet Line Item #SM3122

First of all, you need to know this is one of those swag items that is MUCH cooler in real life than it looks in the picture here. Much of this calculator's appeal is tactile, and I honestly didn't think it was all that cool when I first looked at it... until I picked it up and started playing with it!

The body of this silicone calculator is flat, and the number and function keys are raised to give it a 3-D effect. It's floppy and flexible, similar to those roll-up silicone computer keyboards you may have seen (but at a much lower price point). I ordered a sample so I could try it out  & I'm hooked - it works perfectly and it's so much cooler looking and more fun to use than my old traditional calculator. It's a great example of how the promotional product industry continues to innovate by putting a fresh new twist on items that have been around forever.

Here's the thing with promotional swag - and this especially applies to traditional swag ideas in the lower price ranges - you have to assume that most people already have a similar item at their home or office. Therefore, the name of the game is to give people something that's somehow better and more appealing so it will replace the item they already own... and become their new favorite. Once I got this silicone calculator, my old one (which I've used for years and works just fine) went straight to the back of the desk drawer. This is exactly what you want to happen, and I think this is one of those items that has a high probability of landing (and staying) on the desktop to give your logo daily exposure. Priced at under $4, with a minimum order of 150 pieces, this is a fun swag idea that can be handed out at events or easily mailed out.

Although similar silicone calculators can be found elsewhere, we source ours from the Bullet Line catalog. Their pricing is better AND they custom-imprint your order in 24 hours at no extra charge. Since they also offer shipping anywhere in the US in 3 days at ground rates, you can order these on Monday and have them in your hands by Friday... without paying expensive rush charges or expedited shipping costs. So if you tend to wait til the last minute to order your trade show swag, this (or anything from Bullet Line) is an excellent choice!


Feel free to check out this item on the Bullet Line website, where you'll find more details and pricing. When you're ready to order, just contact us here at Swag Connection:

Phone: 866-247-4320
Email: Sales@swagconnection.com

We love to hear from our blog readers, many of whom turn into clients. Please also feel free to post comments if you like this swag idea and want to share your thoughts on how it could be used in a creative marketing campaign.

Thanks for reading and keep coming back for more new swag ideas for 2010!

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Tuesday, 05 January 2010

I actually didn't used to be a plastic bottle myself, although I am a bottle blonde if that makes any difference.

What I'm excited about today is opening my 2010 catalog from Numo Manufacturing and discovering that we can now offer our customers some cool neoprene swag items that are made with 85% post-consumer recycled content, like this mobile accessory pouch that's perfect for Blackberries & iPhones:

Numo Mfg. Item #557

This is the larger of two sizes offered, and sells for $2-$3 with a 1-color custom imprint (minimum 100). The size & price make this a perfect eco-friendly giveaway for tradeshows and other events - and it would also be very easy to mail. The material is sort of like that of a scuba wetsuit, and it's made out of recycled plastic bottles. If you're searching for swag ideas that appeal to the young & hip, this is a good choice.

This second item is the NEW Eco-Coolie... which is basically the same Eco-Coolie I blogged on a year or so ago, but it's gone from 10% recycled content all the way up to 85%... so I thought it merited another mention:

Numo Mfg. Item #100ECO

It's pretty much exactly what it looks like - a beer koozie - but made mostly from post-consumer recycled bottles (this is also 85% recycled content). Even though they've been around forever, koozies are a promotional product that refuses to die... and they're getting a new following among the younger generation because of their "retro" vibe. They're useful, inexpensive ($.89 & up) and have a humongous imprint area for your logo or message. My favorite way to use them is at events (like as a hole sponsor at a golf event) and hand out cold beverages in a custom logo eco-coolie. Everyone appreciates a cold drink at an event, and the coolie keeps their hands dry and their drink cold. Best of all, it's a walking billboard for your logo!


Feel free to follow the links above to the Numo Manufacturing website to check out pricing, colors, etc. on these recycled neoprene items (there's also a recycled bottle jersey on their site) before you decide. If you decide this is what you're looking for, Swag Connection will be happy to help you with your order. We'll answer all of your questions, help you with your artwork layout and keep you informed thoughout the order process. You can read what our customers say about us on our Testimonial Page.

Just give us a call (866-247-4320) or email us: sales@swagconnection.com. We'd love to hear from you and help you with some cool swag for YOUR logo!

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more great swag ideas...



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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

It's the time of year when the new 2010 catalogs start arriving in the Swag Connection mailbox, and they're a great source for new swag ideas to share with my blog readers. As soon as I saw this Capri Computer Bag, I couldn't wait to tell you about it. Classy, feminine, affordable and airport-ready, this is my new favorite computer bag for the female executive:

Gemline #2604 Life In Motion Capri Computer Bag

This bag is the perfect size for travel - 16.25" x 12.5" - and it features eye-catching design as well as great functionality. It's made of easy to clean microfiber with simulated leather accents and features Gemline's "Viewpoint System" sleeve (shown in the photo below) with a detachable buckle for easy laptop security scanning.

This handy sleeve accomodates a laptop up to 14" and tucks easily into the main compartment:

Additionally, you'll find a zippered, padded compartment with a multi-function organizer to keep business accessories organized and protected. The 25" handles make it easy to carry this bag on your shoulder if needed, and the metal feet keep the bag stabilized when upright.

This bag is available from Swag Connection with your custom-embroidered logo in quantities of 12 or more. Priced at a little over $50, this would be a great incentive or reward for the high-performing women on your company's team.

Simply give us a call or start with an email for more details or an itemized price quote from Swag Connection:

By Phone: 866-247-4320 (toll-free)
By Email: Sales@Swagconnection.com

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more great Swag Ideas in 2010!!

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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Today I came across a very good article on BusinessWeek.com titled "Don't Neglect Internal Branding" by Steve McKee, which is a great reminder that delivering a great brand experience begins with communicating what your brand stands for INSIDE the organization. The best brands are built on a company culture that involves everyone in the brand experience - not just the marketing department. But building that culture and keeping everyone in the loop can be a challenge, especially with large or geographically diverse organizations.

Howard Schultz of Starbucks made headlines recently by closing all of their locations for a company-wide meeting that focused on helping every employee to understand and deliver the Starbucks Brand Experience. One-time "big events" like that are great for rallying the troops, but what about a week, a month or a year from now? Internal branding has to be more than just a one-time event. It also needs to involve on-going communication of the company's values, culture and brand promise to its employees and stakeholders.

What better medium for that on-going Internal Branding is there than swag? Emails get deleted, company memos get filed away, meetings are soon forgotten... but that coffee mug with the company's mission statement is a daily, visible reminder of what your company brand stands for. Lapel pins, mouse pads, sticky notes, calendars and pens are all great, inexpensive swag ideas for carrying internal branding messages throughout your organization in a highly visible way.

Simply distributing swag items internally to remind employees of the key points of your brand promise is one way to keep everyone on board. To kick it up a notch, consider creating contests where those who are delivering the brand promise receive a special, exclusive gift of swag. A distinctive company-logo jacket, duffel bag, padfolio or travel mug would all be great rewards for this sort of internal branding initiative.

One last point I want to make about swag and internal branding, and that is the importance of employee morale - especially in trying times like these. If your company isn't rewarding people with raises or bonuses this year, giving appropriate and useful gifts is one way to show your appreciation.


Swag Connection is here to help you. Here are two ways to get good swag ideas - browse our catalog library or use our searchable product database on SwagConnection.com. Better yet, contact us and tell us about your needs and budget - we'll come up with great ideas that work for you.

Phone: 866-247-4320          Email: Sales@Swagconnection.com

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave comments - we love to hear from our blog readers!


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Thursday, 03 December 2009

Just a quick post to tell everyone about a new feature we just added to our Swagqueen.com website called a ZoomCatalog library.

Here's the story - I'm an active social networker and made a connection on LinkedIn with the founder of ZoomCatalog. She was a promotional products distributor (like me) for many years and (also like me) she was appalled by the amount of catalogs our industry puts into the waste stream every year. Unlike me, she made it her mission to do something about cutting down on catalog waste and the ZoomCatalog concept was born!

The timing couldn't have been more perfect. I was just trying to put together a 'catalog library' of sorts on my own (using links to supplier websites) but what ZoomCatalog has to offer is much more sophisticated. It's allowed me to add an entire online library of catalogs to our website, each exactly the same as the paper catalog versions we have here at our office. The pages are flippable, it's easy to use, and the technology enables you to search the entire library by keywords if you're looking for a particular type of item.

I invite you to check out SwagQueen.com's Zoom Catalog Library for yourself & would love to hear your reviews or comments. New catalogs are still being added to the library, so over time it will become an even better resource for finding swag ideas.

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Friday, 13 November 2009

The Online Catalog Library is growing, with 3 more catalogs added this week in the Giveaway Swag category. Here's an introduction to those 3 catalog lines and why we like them:

American Greenwood (http://www.americangreenwood.com/)
Kind of a funny name, but American Greenwood is one of the original promotional product companies in America. They started out as a lapel button supplier and recently celebrated 100 years in business. Their product line still includes buttons, but it's expanded through the years to include a wide array of good quality giveaway items at very good prices.

Here's an item I chose from American Greenwood that's perfect for the holiday season:

#440500 - Custom Ornament $3.25/ea

These ornaments are classic, shatterproof & come gift-boxed as shown here. I've seen them in person and they look high-end, even though they're made of plastic. For the price they're a great giveaway swag idea for your end-of-year marketing. These also make a nice, inexpensive client holiday gift.

American Greenwood ships out of Chicago & earns "A" ratings in our industry for quality, service and on-time delivery. Production time is normally 7-10 days with rush service available.

Quickpoint (http://www.quickpoint.com/)
This is a smaller, more focused supplier with an excellent line of promo items you won't find anywhere else. Their site is easy to navigate and features a wider selection of American Made promotional products than the other lines I've highlighted. Quickpoint was among the first in the industry to offer biodegradable corn plastic promotional products. Their Zippy letter openers are a classic swag giveaway item that's still very popular, and their Safe Ad collection of anti-microbial promotional products is timely with growing concern about the swine flu.

Here's an item I like from Quickpoint's Safe-Ad Collection

#QP-SA6591 Antimicrobial Travel Tissue Dispenser $2.15

This American-made tissue dispenser is made with special anti-microbial plastic that lasts for the life of the product. It comes filled with your choice of Kleenex brand or Super-Soft brand tissues and is refillable. This is a great giveaway swag idea that people will appreciate and keep handy during cold & flu season!

Quickpoint ships from Missouri, with solid "A" ratings for product quality and on-time delivery. Their production time is 7-10 days but they offer 3-day production on many items at no extra charge.

HIT PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS (http://www.hitpromo.net)
Hit has a little bit of everything in their product line, and they run a lot of specials so it's a good place to check out if you're looking for deals. They have a huge selection of traditional giveaway swag items and their site is easy to shop by price or category. One thing I really like about Hit is their bright color palette. In an industry where so many items are limited to boring "corporate colors" Hit's selection of bright and colorful choices is a breath of fresh air.

Here's an item from Hit that's a good giveaway swag idea:

#41 Bottle Bag - $1.99

Simple, useful, bright and a little different... this Bottle Bag holds a 20-oz bottle, keeping drinks cold and hands dry. It features a drawstring cinch closure, belt loop & clip attachment. Nice swag idea for hospitality events or tradeshows - give them out with inexpensive bottled water from Costco for a low-priced marketing giveaway that looks like you spent much more!

Hit ships from Florida, with production time of 10-15 days on most items. They earn a solid "B" in our industry rankings for product quality and on-time delivery. Overall we've had very good experience on the client orders we've done with Hit, and I feel comfortable recommending their line to clients who are looking for good deals and have a good 3-4 week time horizon for their orders.

I hope this is helpful in giving you more places to look for good giveaway swag ideas. Next week I'll start introducing you to the product lines in our Business Gifts category - just in time for the holidays!

Be sure to bookmark our Online Catalog Library! Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more swag ideas!


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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Looking for a tasteful, customized holiday business gift that's appropriate for EVERYONE?

of premium Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar:

Custom Labeled Olive Oil

If you're the person in charge of deciding on your company's holiday gifts, you know how hard it can be to find something that's appropriate for everyone on your list. Wine is a popular gift, but problematic because some people don't drink for personal or religious reasons. Plus it can be a real hassle to ship due to state liquor laws. Since people's taste in wine varys greatly, even a very expensive bottle may not be appreciated by everyone who receives it.

Nuts, popcorn, candies and gift baskets of food are other popular choices, but they can be a problem for diabetics, folks on sodium-restricted diets (or those who are simply watching their weight). Also, the sheer popularity of food gifts makes it likely yours will be one of several your recipients will get this holiday season, which makes it hard to stand out from the crowd.

That's why I really like this new swag idea I came across recently - CUSTOM ETCHED bottles of premium Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar for the holidays. These quality, all-purpose condiments come with your choice of a custom-printed label as shown above, or a deep-etched bottle like this:

Custom Etched Balsamic Vinegar

Both olive oil and balsamic vinegar are natural, healthful, all-purpose gifts that are different enough to stand out from the crowd. The custom-etched bottles have a high-end look and feel, as well as plenty of room for your logo or artwork. Olive oil and vinegar are also consumed over time compared to snack-type gifts, which keeps your logo around long after the holiday season is over.

These custom etched bottles are from Etching Wines and Spirits, and sold exclusively through promotional products companies like Swag Connection. The minimum order quantity is a low 12 bottles, with prices in the $30-$40 range. To see a PDF with more information and pricing, click here.

For an extra-special touch, laser-branded wooden gift crates are a beautiful way to package your gift and make a lasting impression:

Custom Label Bottle in Matching Gift Crate

These custom-etched bottles could also be delivered in a reusable wine tote, like this inexpensive one from Ecoswag.com.

While this is a great swag idea for the holidays, it's also good for other times of year as well. These would be nice gifts to reward clients, donors or employees in nearly any type of business!


Simply contact us with questions or to get started on your project:
Toll Free: 866-247-4320

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more timely & appropriate swag ideas!


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Friday, 09 October 2009

Associate your brand with safety & protection this flu season with these timely swag ideas:


Hand sanitizers are by far the TOP-SELLING swag item right now, and with good reason. The swine flu is all over the news worldwide and sanitizer usage is at an all-time high as people in all walks of life take steps to protect themselves from germs.

In a business conference or tradeshow environment where people are shaking hands and exchanging business cards, providing custom-label hand santizers is good for both public health and your company branding. After all, associating your company name with health and safety is never a bad thing, no matter what line of business you happen to be in.

When we recommend promotional hand santizers as a swag idea, our favorite supplier is The Humphrey Line, which is based here in Portland OR. Not only do they have the widest selection of styles of hand sanitizer in the promotional products industry, they also manufacture right here in the USA. Choosing their products helps support US jobs and reduces carbon emissions compared to imported sanitizers that come from overseas.

If you're interested in learning more about Humphrey Line hand sanitizers, click the You Tube logo below to view a video about this USA-made product line:

The entire line is available through Swag Connection, of course! Simply call or email us for more information or to get an order started. Good idea to plan ahead if you like this swag idea however, these are such a popular item that orders are taking 3-4 weeks right now.


These handy kits are specially designed for the flu season

This is one of the newest kits from Ready4Kits, the industry leader in sports and safety kits for over 10 years. This custom-logo zip pouch comes packed with flu season essentials as shown. These are not only an appropriate (and appreciated) swag idea for conferences and trade shows this fall, they are also an excellent item to distribute to your employees internally.

Swag Connection proudly carries the entire Ready4Kits line, which includes the option to create your company's own uniquely customized kit if you wish. Any of the items you see on their website are available through us with your custom logo imprint.

OTHER SWAG IDEAS FOR FLU SEASON include custom-label tissue packs, logo-printed digital thermometers, logo-embroidered fleece blankets and nice big ceramic soup mugs with your company logo.

Please contact us for more information and ideas in this product category:
PHONE: 866-247-4320
EMAIL: Sales@Swagconnection.com

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more great swag ideas!

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Tuesday, 08 September 2009
Do you love Sharpies like I love Sharpies?
If the answer is "yes", you'll be stoked to see the latest addition to the Sharpie family of permanent markers... the brand new Sharpie Pen, customized with YOUR logo:
Unlike any other brand of pen I can think of, Sharpies have an almost cult-like following. What started with the original Sharpie Permanent Marker years ago has morphed into an entire Sharpie product line, including Sharpie markers in mini sizes, retractable styles and fine-point models. While most Sharpies are sold at retail, the entire product line is also available with custom logo decoration through promotional product distributors like Swag Connection.
The Sharpie PEN is the newest addition to the Sharpie product line, which makes it a timely swag idea for the fall trade show & conference season. We ordered a few samples to try out, and the best thing about the pen compared to other Sharpies is it doesn't bleed through paper like other Sharpies do. It has a super fine-tip point that writes really nicely, with a good-sized area for your logo, phone number, URL, etc.
Available with Black or Blue ink, the new Sharpie Pen is priced at under $2.00 and available with your custom imprint in quantities of 200 or more. This is a great giveaway swag idea for all sorts of companies because it has such wide appeal.
INTERESTED IN MORE INFO? Click here to view this item on the Sanford B2B Webite
INTERESTED IN ORDERING SHARPIE PENS WITH YOUR CUSTOM LOGO? We'd be happy to help you out! Give us a call at 866-247-4320, or email us: Sales@SwagConnection.com to get your order started.
Thanks for reading & keep coming back for new swag ideas!
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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Here at Swag Connection we're always on the prowl for new, unusual and unique swag ideas for the blog... and this one is definitely out of the ordinary. Cindy (one of my vegetarian co-workers) ordered a sample of this Aladdin Chill-N-Go to try out since she often brings salad for lunch. After trying it out, we decided to show it to you...

Aladdin Brand Chill-n-Go Salad Container

This could be used for other things too, but it's really quite perfect for salads. The insulated, dual-wall design keeps your greens fresh and crispy - plus there's a special compartment built into the lid for storing your salad dressing separately. Made of sturdy, safe & odor-resistant polycarbonate plastic, this unique patent-pending container keeps food cold for up to 4 hours without refrigeration.

This is a perfect swag idea for promoting healthy eating habits. Offer it to employees, clients or patients who reach fitness goals, or to attendees of onsite health & wellness workshops. This would also be great swag for weight-loss centers, fitness clubs, health spas or companies that produce salad dressings or pre-packed greens sold in grocery stores.

If your company targets a female audience - especially at woman-themed conferences, expos and conventions - this would be a great premium swag gift for those kinds of events!

This is also an appropriate business gift for times when many more people are brown-bagging their lunches instead of going out to eat. While I doubt many people would go out and buy this for themselves, as a gift it is both unexpected and memorable. I mean, how many people do YOU know with their own personal salad caddy??

I'll be the first to admit this swag idea isn't for everyone... but if it's perfect for YOUR company here's a link to more information and pricing: Click Here for More Info on Leeds Website (any item on the Leedsworld website can be ordered through Swag Connection).

If you're interested in ordering these for your company or non-profit simply give us a call (866-247-4320) or shoot me an email.

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more new & unique swag ideas!



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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Baby it's hot outside! Temps in Portland will be over 100 degrees for the 2nd day in a row today, which I thought might call for a swag idea that's all about keeping it cool while promoting your brand.

Since this blog is all about showing you swag ideas that are a little out of the ordinary, I thought today would be a perfect day to talk about coolers. Not dinky little giveway coolers (although we've got those too). No, today I'm talking about BIG coolers for your comporate events, like these Double Ad-Coolers:

This style is a fully portable mini-bar with imprinted attachable banners. It measures 36" wide, 19" deep & 40" tall. Here's a picture of what it looks like from the back:

These can be purchased from Swag Connection in quantities as low as 1 cooler - or as high as several hundred for national branding campaigns. Perfect for beverage company promotions, company picnics, corporate hospitality, hosting sporting events or even high-end private parties. Prices on this model range from $212-$544/ea depending on quantity, with turnaround time of about 1 month.

If the double-sized cooler is a bit more than you need, here's the single-size version:

The dimensions on this one are 19" wide x 19" deep x 33" tall. This style comes in a price range of between $133-$355 depending on quantity, with a minimum of 1 cooler.

Lastly, the Jumbo Flexi AdCooler is a great choice for more of a self-serve event cooler. Popular for sports teams & schools, these sturdy and compact coolers hold 50-60 bottles or cans and up to 100 lbs of combined product & ice, yet they collapse into an easily portable size and come with a carry case:

The dimensions of the Jumbo AdCooler are 24" wide x 24" deep x 28" tall. Fully insulated & watertight, it's a great choice in an affordable price range - $66 to $146/ea depending on quantity with a minimum order of one cooler.

All of these custom logo event coolers can be purchased through Swag Connection, just give us a call or send us an email if you're interested in ordering these for your company. Thanks for reading & keep coming back for new, interesting & unusual swag ideas!


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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Here's a cool and useful swag idea for promotional campaigns targeted to a female audience:

Logo-Customized Purse Pal Handbag Hooks

My client & winemaking friend Kelley Styring of Insight Farm was one of the first to explore the connections between brands, women and what women carry in ther handbags. The results of her study were really quite fascinating - and are well presented in this article on CNN titled: The Power of the Purse. Did you know that 95% of women aged 18-64 carry a purse every day? Getting your brand connected with a woman's purse is one way to gain favorable daily exposure for your brand or cause.

Now there are lots of things you could give out that go into a purse - tins of breath mints, pens, lip balms, hand sanitizers and compact mirrors are popular swag choices - but they're also commonplace items most women already own, so they may not make much of an impression.

That's why I really like this Purse Pal handbag hook - it's a classy purse item that not many women currently own. It perches on the edge of a table or counter at restaurants and lounges and keeps a woman's purse in easy reach. The clever design rolls up as shown here when it's not in use, and the velvet gift bag is a nice touch that also keeps it from getting scratched up in the purse.

One of the other things I like about this as a marketing swag idea is that it has the potential to become a conversation piece when women get together socially. I know if I whipped one of these out to hang my bag when meeting the gals for cocktails it would certainly be noticed & commented on. Giving a smart little gadget like this is a great way to enhance your brand's image for a female audience.


I just started a "Diane's Top Picks" section on SwagConnection.com and added this item, so click the link to view product details and pricing online. This gift item comes from IMC-Miracles which is one of my favorite business gift lines here at Swag Connection. Anything you see on their website can be purchased through my company.

As always, feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email if you are interested in any of the swag ideas I feature on my blog. I love hearing from my blog readers and many of them have become clients over the years.

Phone: 866-247-4320
Email: Diane@Swagconnection.com

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more cool & unusual swag ideas - Ciao!



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Tuesday, 09 June 2009
Here's a BRAND NEW swag item I guarantee you've NEVER seen before:

One Simple Strap solves one of modern life's more annoying problems.... unruly cords!

Before One Simple Strap:

After One Simple Strap:

If your target customers are people who travel with electronic devices (and who doesn't these days?) you can become their hero with this deceptively simple (but extremely useful) new swag item.

Developed by the brother of a friend of mine in response to his frustration with wily, tangly cords, the Simple Strap is exactly that - a simple but effective Velcro strap that adheres to pretty much any corded device. Custom-printed with your 1-color logo and packaged with instructions for use, this item sells for $2.49/ea - a great price point for corporate giveaways. Minimum order: 500 pieces

As far as I know I'm the first person in the promotional products industry to offer this item to my clients... so here's your big chance to be among the VERY FIRST to promote your brand with a unique and useful item that will be kept, talked about and appreciated by those who receive it.

There are some types of companies for whom this is an obvious fit - great "gift with purchase" item for any retailer who sells cellphones, chargers or electronic devices. Here are a few not-so-obvious ideas for using One Simple Strap in a marketing campaign:

-Financial Planners, CPAs, Attorneys or Insurance Companies: You're in the business of untangling your clients problems and simplifying complex problems. The Simple Strap is emblematic of what you offer your clients. Why not use it in a direct mail marketing campaign to promote your services?

-Hotels, Restaurants & Rental Car Companies: Your target market is travelers, and every traveler can use a Simple Strap or two. It's a great way to keep your brand top-of-mind when your clients are on the road.

-Roadside Assistance or RV/Boat/Car Repair Services:
Giving out One Simple Straps with your phone number or URL makes perfect sense. Your clients can tame their tangly cords - and keep your contact information handy when they're on the move and most likely to need your services.


This is one item you WON'T find anywhere else... so give us a call or shoot us an email if you're interested in getting a sample to try out or if you're interested in ordering this unique new item for your creative branding:

Phone: 866-247-4320
Email: Diane@Swagconnection.com

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more great swag ideas!

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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Here's a swag item that recently caught my eye - The Essential Accordion Jotter:

OK, I know what you're thinking... she's showing me just another one of those fancy Journal Books, which are nice, but certainly nothing new.

Wrong! Open it up and you'll see this is new, different & quite useful:

If you're looking for a fresh alternative to custom journals and notebooks, this Essential Accordion Jotter is a great choice. It's in the same price range, and it's an item that many people haven't seen before. Now don't get me wrong, I love journals and notebooks as business giveaway items. The problem with them is they're such a popular swag item that most people already have one (or more) already.

This accordion jotter is a nice size for taking notes (3.5" x 5.5") and comes with a refillable/removable jotter pad as shown. The 3 accordion pockets are great for all sorts of uses - keeping coupons, receipts, business cards or notes to self. There's an elastic pen loop built in to the middle (hard to see in the photo) and these can be ordered with the optional Modern Pen as shown. Extra refills are also available.

The cover is turned leatherette on a rigid paperboard backing, which combined with the flat elastic band closure gives this jotter a high-end, modern appeal. These are priced between $4-$6 depending on quantity, with a minimum order of 100 pieces with custom logo decoration.


Accounting Firms: Perfect client gift for business owners who need to keep receipts & mileage logs

Banks: Great gift for new accounts, perfect size for keeping deposit receipts

Event Marketing: Slip a coupon, brochure or business card into the accordion pockets before the event for extra promotional power

Hospitals: This would be a great gift for new mothers - fill the accordion pockets with coupons for special offers for new moms gathered from local marketing partners.

Non-Profits: A nice gift for donors or volunteers that's classy & useful but not too spendy

Interested in The Essential Accordion Jotter with YOUR Custom Logo?

Here's a link to this item on our Supplier's website where you can see more details & pricing:

Click Here for Info

To Order - just give Swag Connection a call or send me an email to get started:

Phone: 866-247-4320

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more fresh & unique swag ideas!




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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Brand-New Swag Idea I Just HAD To Share....

Just when I think I've seen it all, a brand-new swag idea like this crosses my desk and reminds me of just how creative the promotional products industry can be.

At first glance this looks like a slice of cake... but it's actually a sweetly and cleverly packaged 13"x13" hand towel. The towel itself is unimprinted - your logo and artwork appear on the sticker affixed to the outside of the package. Here are a couple of other styles available:

Not only are these items really creative and clever, they're MEMORABLE. And isn't that really the whole idea behind creative branding and using promotional products effectively? I was just reading a marketing blog in Conde Nast Portfolio about Memorable Marketing (click here to link to the blog post) about the "POW" factor versus the 'wow' factor. The "POW" factor is truly unexpected, utterly memorable marketing that really connects with the target audience and creates brand loyalty.

This is the kind of swag idea that will make the difference between wow & POW in marketing campaigns for businesses and events such as...

Hotel & Resorts
Cosmetic Surgery Centers & Med Spas
Personal Trainers & Fitness Clubs
Weddings & Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
Hospital Maternity/Birthing Centers

Other ideas where this swag idea could tie in nicely include:

Any promotion promising a 'Sweet Deal'
Inclusion in high-end Swag Bags
Any promotion using the tag line 'Piece of Cake'
Direct Mailer for Client or Employee Birthday Recognition

With a low minimum order quantity of 50 pieces, towel cakes are priced between $5-$8/ea depending on order quantity. For more information about ordering, please contact us at Swag Connection (866-247-4320 or email us: sales@swagconnection.com)

Thanks for reading, and keep coming back for the newest and most memorable swag ideas on the web!

Diane Nudelman
'The Swag Queen'


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Wednesday, 07 January 2009

Here's a new environmentally-friendly promotional product I just came across today - a reusable Silicone Coffee Sleeve that can be custom-imprinted with your logo or artwork:

If you've been anywhere near a kitchen store or housewares department lately you can't miss all the new silicone gadgets, oven mitts and bakeware now on the market. Silicone is extremely durable and heat-resistant, which makes it a great insulator for hot surfaces. Silicone oven mitts can withstand temperatures up to 675 degrees Farenheit and even protect your hands when plunged into boiling water.

It doesn't take long for the promotional products industry to pick up on hot retail trends, and these silicone coffee sleeves are a perfect example of that. They're far superior to cardboard coffee sleeves in terms of insulation properties and also easier to grip. Their durability allows them to be used on a daily basis for a long time (my guess is that these will last several years at least) which keeps hundreds of cardboard coffee sleeves out of landfills.

As a swag idea, these are simply a great advertising vehicle for your logo or message. They're eco-friendly, highly mobile and made to be kept and used on a daily basis. They're also different and cool looking enough to generate buzz and prompt a "where did you get that?" response from others.

This new promo idea is at a great price point if you're looking for giveaway swag ideas - $1.62/ea with a minimum order of 3,000 pieces (that price includes your own custom color of silicone, plus a 2-color logo print)

There are a ton of different ways you can use these for creative marketing - they'd be a fantastic item for event marketers, great for including in swag bags and perfect for coffee shops to use for rewarding loyal customers. They're also a size and shape that could easily be used for direct mail marketing.


Just call or email us here at Swag Connection and we'll be happy to help you out with information and pricing for your custom silicone coffee sleeve project. We love to hear from our blog readers! Simply call us toll-free at 866-247-4320 or email us: sales@swagconnection.com.

Thanks for reading & keep coming back to see what's new and hot in the world of SWAG!



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