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Thursday, 04 August 2011
Just like technology itself, tech-related swag items are a constantly evolving category. Mousepads used to be a staple swag item for all sort of companies because it was assumed that anyone who used a computer needed a mousepad. The optical mouse killed the mousepad... then the tablet computer killed the mouse!

In fact many of the high-tech swag items that were a big deal a few years ago are less likely to impress these days. Everyone now has a USB hub, a screen duster, a laser pointer and probably more USB flash drives than they can use in a lifetime.

While your budget may not allow you to give away iPads or Kindles, the next best thing is the accessories that go with these popular new gadgets. Here are a few of my new favorites in the iPad Swag category:

iPad Stylus Pens are a new breed of pen, specially designed to work on all capacitive touch screens. One end is a regular ballpoint pen, the other is for use on touch-screen devices. You don't have to own a tablet computer to appreciate one of these - keep one handy to avoid germy touch-screens on ATMs and other public computers.
iPad Pen Stylus (item NLAHI-HTXNG)

iPad Stands
are another handy accessory that iPad or iPhone users will appreciate and use. Simple, functional and in the $10 range, they're a great swag idea if you want to keep your company logo visible on your recipient's desktop.

iPad Stand (item TMDGB-HMMEL)

iPad/Kindle Sleeves and Cases come in a wide variety of styles and materials with custom logo decoration. We offer a wide variety of iPad cases that are logo customized - too many to show here. Simply go to www.swagconnection.com and type "iPad Case" (no quote marks) in the Quick Search field for about 3 dozen choices.

Between cases and SLEEVES, I like sleeves better as a swag idea. Most devices come with cases, but sleeves are an accessory most people have to go out and buy. Sleeves are great for travel, and unlike cases they can be used with many different devices.

iPad Neoprene Sleeve (item ESUMI-HFVEG)

Griffin Elan iPad Sleeve (item JKWFF-HRRGN)

Ear Buds are one more tech-savvy swag idea to consider, especially if your budget doesn't allow for some of these higher priced items. Earbuds can be used with every mobile device out there and most people can use an extra pair or two (especially if they're cool!). Here are three I like in particular:

Volume-Adjusting Earbuds (item ZSZIJ-FQICD)

VOIP Retractable Earbuds with Microphone (item XSZIB-EJWWT)

Giftcor Earbuds in Wind-Up Case (item KLWKB-GGBJJ)

I hope that gives you some good ideas. If you want more like this, simply type the word IPAD into the Swag Connection search field for lots more to choose from... or contact me for ideas that will meet your specifications. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you're interested in ordering any of these items for your organization:

Email: diane@swagconnection.com   Phone: 866-247-4320 Toll Free 

Thanks for reading my blog & keep coming back for more swag ideas!

Diane Nudelman
The Swag Queen :)

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Monday, 25 October 2010
 Here's a brand new swag idea I just ran across today & had to share with you. This customized high-tech gadget turns a box (or other hollow object) into a Portable Speaker:

Groovy Stick-On Portable Speaker

This has to be one of the more innovative swag ideas I've come across in recent months, and just in time for the holiday season. This little gadget, called a Groovy Stick-On Portable Speaker, is a pocket sized amplifier designed to work with portable audio players like iPods and MP3 music players.

One end plugs in to the headphone jack of the audio device. The other end has a sticky silicone-backed speaker that be stuck on to any hollow object (like a box or a cup) to instantly create an audio speaker with surprisingly good sound quality.


When not in use, it all tucks nicely together into a travel-sized unit that has a nicely sized area for your custom logo imprint. This promotional sound system can be powered via your computer's USB port or by 2 AAA batteries (included).

Priced at around $20 (with a minimum order quantity of 50 units) this box speaker creator is an interesting swag idea for marketers seeking to reach a hip, music-loving and technically savvy audience.

While corporate buyers of this item would naturally include companies in the music or entertainment industries, this item would also make a great employee gift or incentive item... especially for software, internet or gaming companies which typically have a younger work force. I could also see this as a great "Wrap Gift" for the cast and crew of movies or television productions.

You can see more details & current pricing on this item by clicking through to: Groovy Portable Speakers on SwagConnection.com.


That's what we do & we'd be stoked to help you out. Lots of our clients find us through this blog. We can answer questions about this item, help you order a sample or suggest other swag ideas if you're looking for just the right thing.

Email: diane@swagconnection.com
Phone: 866-247-4320 (toll free, hours 8-5 pacific time)

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for new & innovative swag ideas!

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

High Tech meets Happy Hour:
USB Bottle Openers from Swag Connection

The iClick Milwaukee Drive

Here's a brand-new swag idea that just crossed my desk today, and what a fun item for summer! These all metal, heavy-duty USB Bottle Openers are fully-functioning USB Drives with your choice of 2GB, 4GB or 8GB of memory capacity.

While this isn't a drive for the extremely price-conscious, it has a lot going for it. Bottle openers have always been a very popular addition to people's keyrings, and this is designed for that. As most people handle their keys several times each day, the keyring is a prime location for your brand.

Usefulness is another huge factor when it comes to swag that is kept versus swag that's passed along. This USB Bottle opener serves two functions, making it superior to ordinary flash drives that can only be used for data storage. Plus it's got that 'fun factor' that sets it apart from ordinary flashdrives.

Not so long ago it was a big deal to get a promotional USB drive, as they were relatively expensive and few companies could afford to give them away. That's no longer the case. Today you can't assume that people are going to keep, use (or even remember) your ordinary custom-logo flashdrives - they've become ubiquitous. Stepping up to a cool drive like these is what smart marketers are doing to keep their branding fresh, memorable and top-of-mind (not to mention top-of-bottle!)

While this is an obvious choice for beer or soda companies, they're also a great swag idea for:


The minimum order is 50 drives, with turnaround time of betwen 2-3 weeks.

USB Memory Prices change weekly, so please contact us for a current quote:
Toll-Free - 866-247-4320

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more new & unique swag ideas :)


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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Custom Laptop Sleeves make great business gifts. The problem is not all laptops are the same size - they can range anywhere from 12" to 17", which is ia pretty wide range. How do you decide which size to order?

Swag Connection has the solution - check out our CUSTOM LAPTOP SLEEVE with UNIVERSAL FIT:

This clever design eliminates the guesswork, it fits any size laptop computer perfectly. Made of 600d polyester with a soft, plush interior, this custom laptop sleeve is one of my favorite swag ideas for a computer-related business gift for under $20. Simply place the computer inside, secure it with the Velcro strap and buckle the flap closure for snug and secure fit every time.

An outside zippered pocket holds small accessories and the carry handle makes it easy to grab and go. This custom laptop sleeve comes decorated with your logo, which can be screen printed or embroidered depending on the look you prefer.

Computer laptop sleeves are a super-popular promotional item right now, and they give your logo excellent exposure because they're mobile by nature and have a nice large imprint area. This custom laptop sleeve would be a great business gift for employees, valued clients or other stakeholders in your business or non-profit.

This is also an item that could be used for what we call a "sticky promotion" where you deliver or mail out the laptop sleeve to a targeted audience, along with an offer they can respond to for a chance to win a laptop computer. This could be a fun way to kick off a sales contest internally or create excitement around a technology-related new product launch.

The minimum order quantity for this custom laptop sleeve is 48 pieces. Price ranges between $12.83-$17.36 depending on order quantity. Here's a link where you can see more details and pricing on our supplier's website: Goodhope Bags Universal Computer Sleeve


Contact me at Swag Connection - 866-247-4320 or email me: sales@swagconnection.com

I love to hear from people who find me through the blog and will be more than happy to help you with an order for this or any other swag items you're interested in finding.

Thanks so much for reading & keep coming back for more swag ideas!

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