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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Here at Swag Connection we're always on the prowl for new, unusual and unique swag ideas for the blog... and this one is definitely out of the ordinary. Cindy (one of my vegetarian co-workers) ordered a sample of this Aladdin Chill-N-Go to try out since she often brings salad for lunch. After trying it out, we decided to show it to you...

Aladdin Brand Chill-n-Go Salad Container

This could be used for other things too, but it's really quite perfect for salads. The insulated, dual-wall design keeps your greens fresh and crispy - plus there's a special compartment built into the lid for storing your salad dressing separately. Made of sturdy, safe & odor-resistant polycarbonate plastic, this unique patent-pending container keeps food cold for up to 4 hours without refrigeration.

This is a perfect swag idea for promoting healthy eating habits. Offer it to employees, clients or patients who reach fitness goals, or to attendees of onsite health & wellness workshops. This would also be great swag for weight-loss centers, fitness clubs, health spas or companies that produce salad dressings or pre-packed greens sold in grocery stores.

If your company targets a female audience - especially at woman-themed conferences, expos and conventions - this would be a great premium swag gift for those kinds of events!

This is also an appropriate business gift for times when many more people are brown-bagging their lunches instead of going out to eat. While I doubt many people would go out and buy this for themselves, as a gift it is both unexpected and memorable. I mean, how many people do YOU know with their own personal salad caddy??

I'll be the first to admit this swag idea isn't for everyone... but if it's perfect for YOUR company here's a link to more information and pricing: Click Here for More Info on Leeds Website (any item on the Leedsworld website can be ordered through Swag Connection).

If you're interested in ordering these for your company or non-profit simply give us a call (866-247-4320) or shoot me an email.

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more new & unique swag ideas!



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