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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Here's a BRAND NEW swag idea for your 2009 promotions:
UV Detector Tags

Your mother (or dermatologist) has probably warned you that you can still get sunburned even when it's overcast outside. UV rays are increasing in strength as our planet's ozone layer thins, contributing to a pronounced increase in skin cancers in countries around the world.

Those are great reasons to consider this outdoor UV Detector tag as a promotional product for your company in 2009. It's a simple PVC plastic tag that hangs on a purse or backpack and has color-changing dots that indicate the strength of UV rays when exposed to sunlight. The front is as shown above and the reverse side is custom-printed with your logo, message or custom artwork.

Here's a picture of it on a bag so you can get a better idea of the size:

Priced in the $2-$3 range (depending on quantity) this is a fantastic swag idea that can be handed out in person or included in a direct mail campaign. It's also a great add-on for promotional tote bags you may already have on hand.

This is a super swag idea for health and beauty related businesses like dermatology clinics and medical spas. Pharmaceutical companies and medical schools should consider this one too. It's a nearly perfect tie-in for any advertising campaign with a "Don't Get Burned" theme in any industry. There are a ton of creative uses for this swag idea in an advertising sense, plus it sends a message to the recipient that you care about their skin and health. It would be an absolutely FANTASTIC gift-with-purchase idea for a sunscreen manufacturer to encourage more use of their product!


Swag Connection would be happy to help! Just give us a call or send us an email and we'll be happy to provide more information and pricing. These tags can be ordered blank in any quantity, or with a custom imprint in quantities of 144 & higher.

Thanks for checking out this new swag idea & keep coming back to find out what else is new for 2009!

Diane Nudelman
The Swag Queen

Toll Free: 866-247-4320      Email: Sales@SwagConnection.com


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Monday, 12 January 2009

Looking for an earth friendly promotional product in the $2 price range? These handy compressed "Go Towels" may be the perfect swag idea for you!

These eco-friendly Go Towels (TM) are made from organically grown bamboo. These compressed towels come in a disc as shown and are customized with your four-color process artwork on the insert sheet. When moistened they expand into a nicely-sized 14" x 21" towel that is soft and comfortable to the touch. They're very durable, inexpensive, lint-free and streak-free and completely biodegradable. They are completely natural and made without bleaches, dyes or scents.

Priced in the $2 range, this is a great swag idea at a price that's perfect for your next tradeshow giveaway.  These towels are a handy item with many uses - great for the gym or for moms to tuck into a purse or diaper bag for life's little emergencies. They are also great for travel, camping, hiking and sporting events. Best of all, they're different enough to make an impression when you hand them out, as many people have never seen these before. It's a challenge to find cool and useful giveaways in this price range - compared to a stress toy, water bottle or pen, these Go Towels are much more useful  & likely to be remembered.

Go Towels can be used as creative marketing in all sorts of ways:

-Great item for Gyms and Spas to hand out at events or sell on-site

-Hospitals - include these in gift packs for new mothers

-Great 'leave behind' marketing piece for housekeeping and janitorial companies

-Great for banks & credit unions - design the insert to look like a coin!

-In the Solar Industry? Great eco-swag idea, design it with a sun theme

-In the Automotive Industry? -great for the glove box, design with a wheel or tire theme

And of course these would be a perfect addition to any health & beauty related SWAG BAGS.


We'd be happy to help you out with information and pricing on this item - order quantities start at 500 pieces with turnaround time of about 3 weeks. If you're interested in more info, please contact us here at Swag Connection by email: sales@swagconnection.com or by phone (toll free: 866-247-4320).

Thanks for reading & keep coming back for more great eco-friendly SWAG IDEAS!!


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Wednesday, 07 January 2009

Here's a new environmentally-friendly promotional product I just came across today - a reusable Silicone Coffee Sleeve that can be custom-imprinted with your logo or artwork:

If you've been anywhere near a kitchen store or housewares department lately you can't miss all the new silicone gadgets, oven mitts and bakeware now on the market. Silicone is extremely durable and heat-resistant, which makes it a great insulator for hot surfaces. Silicone oven mitts can withstand temperatures up to 675 degrees Farenheit and even protect your hands when plunged into boiling water.

It doesn't take long for the promotional products industry to pick up on hot retail trends, and these silicone coffee sleeves are a perfect example of that. They're far superior to cardboard coffee sleeves in terms of insulation properties and also easier to grip. Their durability allows them to be used on a daily basis for a long time (my guess is that these will last several years at least) which keeps hundreds of cardboard coffee sleeves out of landfills.

As a swag idea, these are simply a great advertising vehicle for your logo or message. They're eco-friendly, highly mobile and made to be kept and used on a daily basis. They're also different and cool looking enough to generate buzz and prompt a "where did you get that?" response from others.

This new promo idea is at a great price point if you're looking for giveaway swag ideas - $1.62/ea with a minimum order of 3,000 pieces (that price includes your own custom color of silicone, plus a 2-color logo print)

There are a ton of different ways you can use these for creative marketing - they'd be a fantastic item for event marketers, great for including in swag bags and perfect for coffee shops to use for rewarding loyal customers. They're also a size and shape that could easily be used for direct mail marketing.


Just call or email us here at Swag Connection and we'll be happy to help you out with information and pricing for your custom silicone coffee sleeve project. We love to hear from our blog readers! Simply call us toll-free at 866-247-4320 or email us: sales@swagconnection.com.

Thanks for reading & keep coming back to see what's new and hot in the world of SWAG!



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Monday, 05 January 2009

Happy New Year!

I took some time away from blogging during the month of December and am happy to be back and ready to dish up some new swag ideas for 2009. Today I'm going to share the secret of getting your promotional metal water bottles to look like the popular SIGG brand metal bottles - easily and inexpensively WITHOUT any graphic art skills whatsoever. Interested? Read on...

The promotional stainless steel bottles shown above look like they were professionally designed, but actually every one of these was decorated using stock designs that are available to you at no extra cost from ETS Express (one of our favorite promotional drinkware suppliers). Their H2go collection of stainless steel water bottles offers a variety of unique bottle shapes and sizes in a wide range of fashion colors.

The first step is to choose your bottle style and decide which color you want - you can see the entire collection online at www.etsexpress.com. (in the H2go section of the ETS website).

The next step is to choose the stock artwork design you want to work with. The artists at ETS have come up with a lot of hot designs for you to choose from and themes that will work for practically any industry or corporate color scheme. As an example, here's a stock "wave" design you could begin with:

You can use the wave artwork in the color scheme shown, or you can have us change any or all of the artwork colors to suit your taste or company color scheme. You then e-mail your logo to us and we place it for the best appearance on the bottle. The finished bottle would look like this:

The artwork wraps all the way around the bottle, giving you a look that's very similar to the SIGG bottles that are so popular right now at retail stores. It's a little hard to see, but this bottle has the Nintendo logo incorporated just below the crest of the wave.

This allows you to create a swag item that is much more visually appealing than just a water bottle with a plain old logo on it, which anyone can do. The cool design work gives your bottles a much higher perceived value (SIGG bottles sell for much more than these bottles cost) and make it much more likely that your bottle is going to kept and used. The longer the bottles are kept and the more they are used, the more logo exposure you receive for your swag investment - so taking advantage of this free design service makes good sense on many levels!

If you're interested in seeing some of the other design options, here's a link to a PDF that you'll find very helpful: Click here for PDF showing design options


Swag Connection is happy to help you with your custom stainless bottle project, and we work with clients all over the US. We carry the entire line of h2go stainless bottles and can guide you effortlessly through the design and order process.

Just send us an e-mail (sales@swagconnection.com) or call us toll-free (1-866-247-4320, 8-5 Pacific Time) if you're interested in more information or starting on an order for these or any other custom promotional products.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment - we love to hear from our blog readers!


Diane Nudelman
President & Swag Queen
Swag Connection


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